To inquire about our volunteer positions, please contact Erin at or 250-382-4604

The FGCA works with approximately 200 volunteers per year and provides a large range of volunteer opportunities for community members. Whether you want to volunteer just once or are looking for a regular activity, develop your resume or are looking to share your experience, we thrive to provide you a fulfilling role. Our high-quality standards for volunteer management make us a place where volunteers are valued and recognized. Also, we also encourage kids and youth to volunteer for us, on their own (look for the tag Kid/Youth-friendly) or with their parents (family-friendly). Check out our volunteer positions below!

  • Front Garden volunteer (family-friendly)

Looking for a volunteer job that makes you spend some time outdoors and contributes in an immediate way?

Our front side garden needs 1-3 volunteers who are eager to design and maintain a pleasant place for chats and breaks! We have tools and can purchase plants for you to make it fun and personal! Volunteer once a week or bi-weekly, week days or weekends.

  • Food Forest volunteer (family-friendly)

Do you have skills or want to learn more about permaculture and native plants?

We have a nice community garden behind the center, called the Food Forest. Emily, our garden coordinator, will orient you and your safe bubble on where to start, along with giving you passionate advice about sustainable gardening! Volunteer according to your own schedule, including weekends!

  • Art at the Place Curator (youth-friendly)

Support local artists by providing them a place to display their Art in the neighbourhood!

You will work independently and partly remotely to research local artists and help them display their art. With a focus on inclusivity, the curator will include artists of diverse backgrounds, ages, and beliefs within the greater Victoria community. Art includes pictures, portraits, paintings, installations, and mixed media.  This position is flexible and you can volunteer daytime or after work hours. It’s best if you can climb a ladder as some artwork needs to be hung quite high (over doors).

  • Streetlife Committee

Take part of a dynamic and creative leaders’ team who develop projects for the neighbourhood!

Driven by innovation and connection to the local life, the Streetlife Committee have recently released a community map of local assets. The next step is to use it as a tool to connect the FGCA and residents together around improving  quality of life in Fairfield Gonzales. The group meets one evening a month on Zoom.

  • Graffiti Coordinator

Take part in collective action and contribute to beautifying the neighbourhood!

FGCA is looking for a volunteer coordinator to spearhead the Victoria Together Against Graffiti program in the Fairfield and Gonzales neighbourhoods. The coordinator’s role is to recruit local volunteers, connect them with painting supplies, and respond to inquiries.

  • Observer Newspaper writer (family-friendly)

Highlight the variety of initiatives and activities that make Fairfield Gonzales lively!

Whether you already know the neighbourhood well or want to discover local life and new people, you can help us with our community newspaper, the Observer. Interview people who are involved in the neighbourhood, report on local events, or just write about something you are passionate about! We are ideally looking for someone who can commit to 1-3 articles per trimester. All levels of writing skills can contribute!

  • Events volunteers (kid and youth-friendly)

Take part of fun local events while meeting neighbours and local businesses!

We organize several small to large events annually. Most of our events aim at promoting and making arts, food, community life, sustainability and volunteering more accessible. A variety of volunteer positions are available, such as setting up and taking down the site, serving food or drinks, hosting games and promoting the events! Leadership positions are also available. Volunteer once or twice a year (or more!), mostly on weekends and evenings. People who have their Serving It Right or Special Event Server certifications are in high demand.

  • Climate Action Group

Support the neighbourhood to become more climate-friendly and learn about what’s happening locally!

This group currently focuses on writing ultra local fact sheets. They want to highlight impactful programs that support community members to adopt a more sustainable life, but also share stories of neighbours who are implementing those changes! The group meets twice a month through Zoom.


Create opportunities for residents to shape the future of Fairfield Gonzales’s urban planning!

This committee is interested in neighbourhood redevelopment, rezoning, subdividing and street development in the Fairfield area. The group meets regularly to learn more about current applications and record public input on these matters. Meet online once or twice a month! To apply, fill in the form on the corresponding website page!

  • Neighbourhood food pantry (kid and youth-friendly)

Make food more sustainable and equitable in your community!

We host different food programs and services that offer rescued food. Whether you can help with cooking, serving, promoting, organizing events around this topic, you advance access to food in a dignifying and progressive approach. We have diverse volunteer positions and schedules available, contact us for more info.

  • Photographer (kid and youth-friendly)

Make our work more visible to the community and connect with many residents while expressing your creativity!

We need more pictures of our events, programs, volunteers and neighbourhood news! Discover many local places and people. Your photos will be published on our social media channels, website, and local newspaper, the Observer. Work at your own pace and according to your availability.

  • Board of Directors

Are you someone who is eager to engage in neighbourhood issues and support community-based service delivery?

Serving on the FGCA board of directors is an opportunity for members to take on a formal leadership role with the association. Since 1975, community members have come together formally to enhance the quality of life for the residents of Fairfield Gonzales. Responsibilities include attending monthly director meetings, participating with an association committee, monitoring the agency operation for due diligence with its fiduciary and legal obligations, and serving as a public ambassador for the programs, services, and projects of the Fairfield Gonzales Community Association. Directors typically serve for a two year term. Our board  meets on the first Monday of the month (no August meeting).

  • Others: would you like to enhance the quality of life in another way?

Contact us!

FGCA is committed to the values of diversity and inclusion in our workplace. We actively encourage applications from people who are experiencing barriers to equality. If you think you may need an accommodation to volunteer, contact our Community Development Coordinator, Erin!

Erin Henneberry

Community Development Coordinator


“This is a place I really feel good about and look forward to visit and be a part of…Just a warm sincere welcome and help where I may need some. Kindness, comfort, hope, compassion, patience. Thank you for all of this and all you do.” ~ volunteer