Our Vision

Fairfield Gonzales is a connected, collaborative, inclusive, welcoming, and sustainable community.

Our Mission

The Fairfield Gonzales Community Association pursues our vision through the development and delivery of inclusive and effective community-focused programs and projects. We support our neighbourhood, create a haven and a warm welcome for community members, and seek the building of connections and collaborations with likeminded individuals to assist Fairfield and Gonzales neighbourhoods in enhancing their community’s vitality.

Our Organizational Values

Core values that guide the work of the Fairfield Gonzales Community Association and that we are committed to working on in our organization: 


We will work to establish facilities, events, programs, and practices which invite people of all abilities, ages, ethnicities, socioeconomic strata, residencies, sexual orientations, gender identities, belief systems and other characteristics to participate fully and equitably. We will work to extend this philosophy of inclusion and acceptance into the wider community.


We will uphold our duty to our members and to those that we serve. We commit to being transparent and ethical in our work and our decision making. We strive for authenticity and consistency in our work, guided by these values.


We support equity broadly – social justice, pay equity, anti-racism, de-colonization, inter-generational equity, support for the economically disadvantaged, and a fair opportunity for all to access a good life.


We value relationship-building as an important part of our work, and will provide opportunities for meaningful connections with and amongst the people we serve. We recognize that individuals seek connection in different ways, and we will honour the diverse ways that people connect with their community.


We recognize the intrinsic value in other people and organizations, and the benefit that comes from working together instead of in isolation. We will treat others as equals in the collaborative process, in order to achieve results that are greater than those we can achieve alone.


We aim to promote social, economic, and cultural diversity in our community. We value the learning that comes from living and working with unique individuals. We strive for respect and mutual understanding among diverse communities. We strive to understand each other and move beyond simple tolerance to embracing and celebrating the rich dimensions of diversity contained within each individual.

Code of Conduct

The Fairfield Gonzales Community Association, board, staff, volunteers and users will adhere to the following Code of Conduct to guide all behaviour and activities related to the FGCA

  • We will interact with respect, courtesy, objectivity and inclusiveness
  • We will work towards the good of all community members, and not for personal benefit
  • We will promote collaboration, cooperation and partnership with each other and with other groups
  • We will promote health, wellness and safety for the entire community