Instructor: Jet Li

Tai Chi for Beginners

Tai Chi For Beginners is a combination of Tai Chi and Chi Gong movements which coordinate slow movements with breathing, visualizations, meridian tapping, chanting, and guided meditation. It is designed to heal the body, relax the mind, and bring clarity to one’s perception. The exercises are gentle, calming, holistic, easy to follow, and highly effective for pain and stress. There are sitting and standing components to the class. Class content will change from time to time.

Wednesdays, Jan 15 – Mar 25




Wednesdays, April 1 – April 29




Wednesdays, May 27 – June 24 (instructor not confirmed)




Here’s what Jet’s participants have to say about the class:

“Jet is an excellent and creative teacher. He also knows a great deal about holistic medicine.”

-Georgine Wonnacott, Victoria, BC


“I have been enjoying Jet Li’s Tai Chi Gong class for several weeks and the chronic pain that has bothered me for years has completely disappeared from my left shoulder; I strongly recommend his classes.”

 – Doris Sanders, Victoria, BC


“…enjoyed your Tai Chi class yesterday. It was so beautiful, intensely sensitive and it brought the aspect of deep reflection to the practice that I have longed for.”

-K.T., Vitctoria, BC


“From the moment I observed the grace and strength Jet exhibited in his Tai Chi practice, I knew I wanted to study with him. I am now in my fourth year being guided by his example and patience in explaining the significance of forms, and am increasingly achieving clarity and suppleness in thought, movement and balance. Studying with Jet continues to be a holistically illuminating and life-altering experience.”

-Linda Patterson, Shawnigan Lake, BC


“Four years ago, I started classes with Jet. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and Tai Chi was recommended. Not only is it a good exercise but it also improves ones balance and memory as well. He is an accomplished Tai Chi instructor and teaches with great patience, artistry and care. I look forward to my weekly session with Jet.”

-Sheila John, Errington, BC