Jump ‘N’ Start is a program that is delivered in partnership between the Fairfield Community Association, George Jay Elementary School, and Central Middle School with assistance from the Ministry of Children and Family Development. We provide an opportunity for youth to spend time after school with a small group of peers and supportive staff. The program includes trips to local attractions, recreational activities, arts and crafts, games and cooking.

The group is relaxed, voluntary, and combines both planned activities and informal social interaction. It is a weekly meeting to provide youth the opportunity to have a lot of fun and enjoy a safe environment.

The group has four goals:

  • Build a community of kids
  • Expose kids to community activities where they have the opportunity to try new things
  • Promote self esteem, social interaction and become a place for kids to develop their voice
  • Identify community resources that kids can access themselves or with their families

For more information contact us at youth@fairfieldcommunity.ca or 382-4604


“I am not as shy as I used to be, I am more confident about myself”

“I am less depressed and I like Tuesdays more”

“I spend more time outside”

“I am getting better at socializing and I feel like when we go out to eat we are like a big family”

“I am more happy”

“I feel better about hanging out with friends”

~ feedback from kids in Jump ‘N’ Start