We offer licensed care for children who attend Margaret Jenkins Elementary Schools. Our MJOSC program is play-based and child-focused in nature. Our staff views children as individuals with their own ideas, cultural beliefs, abilities and interests, and strives to provide a safe and stimulating environment — physically, intellectually, mentally and emotionally.  Children have a desire to grow, play and learn, as well as to explore and construct knowledge about the world around them through peer- and play-based experiences. While recognizing diversity, our program encourages the development of positive relationships among peers, as well as respectful communication between children, staff and families.

Before Care (7:30am – School start)

$115 /month, 5 days, full time ($65 for Kindergartners)
$10/day, drop in, based on availability, call day before or morning of to check for space

After Care (School dismissal – 5:45pm)

$335 /month, 5 days, full time ($285 for Kindergartners)
$25/day, drop in, based on availability, call day before or morning of to check for space

Before + After Care

$400/month, 5 days, full time ($300 for Kindergartners)

Pro D Days

Pro D Day care is not included in out of school care. See our Pro-D Day camps page for information on care for those day.

MJOSC 2021/22  School Year Registration

MJOSC Registration for the 2021/22  School Year is FULL. To be placed on the waitlist please contact the onsite manager.

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OSC Registration process for Families NEW to our programs

Registration Priorities

2021/2022 Registration Form

MJOSC Registration process for families currently enrolled in an FGCA program

for the 2022/23 School Year:

(Families currently enrolled in a registered program or attended a registered program during the 2021/2022 school year)

Re-registration for currently enrolled children in the 2022/2033 school year has completed.

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OSC Registration Process for Families NEW to our programs

Registration for external families for the 2022/2023 school year has completed.

Families who acquired a registration ‘ticket’ will be contacted on May 2, 2022 regarding your registrations placement.

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Pro-D Day Registration

Will take place for everyone on May 3. Stay tuned for more details.


Margaret Jenkins Out of School Care (MJOSC)
Onsite manager: 250-592-8800 or mjosc@fairfieldcommunity.ca 
1824 Fairfield Rd, Victoria BC, V8S 1G6 & 600 Richmond Ave, Victoria BC, V8S 3Y7

Child Care Coordinator (Spring, Summer and Pro-D Day camps)
250-382-4604 or childcare@fairfieldcommunity.ca
1330 Fairfield Rd, Victoria BC, V8S 5J1

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Registration Priorities

  1. Families re-registering into the same program
  2. Child re-registering for a different type of care within the same program
  3. Siblings of children currently registered in OSC
  4. Full-time staff who are registering their children
  5. Children who are currently registered in another FGCA registered childcare program
  6. Families who are returning to us whose children were registered in an FGCA program after September 2020
  7. Families new to our program

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2022/23 Registration forms

2022-2023 Guide to Registration
2022-2023 Registration Form
2022-2023 Parent Handbook

2021/22 Registration Forms

2021-2022 Guide to Registration

2021-2022 OSC Registration Form

2021-2022 OSC Parent Handbook

Pre-Authorized Debit Form (PAD)  (Only families who are new to our program or are current families who are changing their banking info need to complete this form)

If required, please include:

Additional Pick-ups Form

Medication Form

Part-Time Request Form

Primary Custody Arrangement Form

Shared Custody Arrangement Form

“I will make my last payment to MJOSC after ten years and two children…as much as it’s great to have extra cash to redirect to other child related expenses, I have to say that I feel that the value and enrichment in my boys’ lives as a result of your programming make it the best monies that I have ever spent. You run an amazing organization that is an example not only in terms of scope an quality of services you provide but the culture that you have built by attracting top notch talent in your teams.” – parent