The goal of the project is to give residents and individuals who visit Fairfield or Gonzales communities the chance to share with us what they see as sources of inspiration & what inspires them about living or visiting Fairfield and Gonzales communities. It is our hope that others may be able to benefit either themselves or with others from these same sources of inspiration. Currently we are in the “collection” phase of our project and soon we will compile and share what we have gathered – stay tuned!

We would love to hear what your source of inspiration is in Fairfield or Gonzales!

Please send us your source of inspiration (with a picture with if you’d like) from Fairfield or Gonzales communities!
Send us an email:
We look forward to hearing from you!

Sources of inspiration received so far include natural spots like Gonzales Beach, Beacon Hill Park, or particular entry points to the ocean to community groups like November Project Victoria who meets every Wednesday morning at 6:29am outside the Beacon Hill Park Petting Zoo or the Dallas Road running group who meets 8am on Saturdays at Clover point.The responses came from people across the lifespan, including sources of inspiration which children showed to their parents (including the wonderful Dragon Sculpture found at Dallas Road!)

Some responses so far:
The Sequoiadendron at the corner of Richardson & Moss
“Every time I walk by it I get warm and fuzzy” ~ George

Ross Bay Cemetery
“A historical sight that has Emily Carr’s grave. It’s fun to count the deer; however, they are too comfortable around humans” ~ Courtney

Fairfield Food Forest
“This forest serves as a positive symbol for our community; demonstrating equity and sustainability that are possible in our community. We need more projects like this. ~ Khalilah