Hello community members – our commitment to you as a community association is that during this time of crisis We are trying our best to keep everyone in the community safe, informed and physically, mentally and emotionally well. We want to communicate directly and simply.

If you are on Facebook, connect to Fairfield Gonzales Local – A resource page for the neighbours of Fairfield/Gonzales. intended as a place to share recommendations, local issues, meet people, share services and businesses, it’s now connecting people looking for and offering local supports.











Become a “Pod” Leader/offer mutual help


If you are self-isolating for whatever reason, you can get help with getting groceries or medications dropped off at your door. You can also get help walking your dog or just a phone call to boost your spirits!

2 options for you:

We realize that although you may be digitally connected, some in our community may not be, so, if you are able to OFFER HELP please read on to find out how the FGCA is supporting efforts to make sure nobody gets missed.


As mentioned above a very dynamic group has formed on Facebook to support people in the Victoria area – by going to that group you can see immediate and personalized needs that you may feel free to respond to. The NextDoor app – also mentioned above – is another resource you could access to see if people in your neighbourhood are asking for help (but you need to be on the app and many people aren’t unfortunately). Finally there is a grassroots flyering initiative that FGCA is supporting that is hoping to get a paper notice into every mailbox in Fairfield Gonzales with contact details for a street ‘point person’ so that anyone who needs help has someone to turn to.

If you would like to help with this flyering initiative, you could become the point person for your street/block/apartment building/2-3 streets. Please get in touch with Susan at 250-592-3587 or via email at (suziezed@yahoo.ca). Susan will be happy to chat with you on the phone (or in person from a 6 foot distance) as to how to get the initiative going, share a draft flyer with you, and help in any way she can. The FGCA will also be offering support in the form of printing your customized flyers if you do not have access to printing at home.

1. Start by finding 2 or 3 people (ideally one of these people will have a laser or inkjet printer) on your street or surrounding streets to help you with the initiative. Decide on what area you are going to focus on. Use Google maps and a screen grabbing tool like Snipping Tool (Windows) to create a graphic of the area you are going to focus on.

2. Use the flyer template (obtained from Susan, above) as a starting point to develop your own flyer (the highlighted areas will be where you put in your own information) and use your core group to fill in the details on your first set of flyers to be distributed. Highlight important information like the ‘paper safety’ note (if you decide to include it). It is also nice, I think, to sign the notes – I just signed mine ‘Your neighbour, Susan’ and drew a little heart.

3. Go for it and start putting those flyers in mailboxes – don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good – learn as you go, be kind with yourself and others and try to remain grateful and balanced at this stressful time. As people step up remember to mark streets off on your map (created in step 1). Also keep track of what you learn, how to fine tune the process and share generously what you learn with others.


As Dr. Bonnie Henry has said so many times in the past few days we need ‘100% compliance’ to stop virus transmission. We know this is difficult. Grandchildren should not be visiting grandparents at this time – instead you can usual technology to visit and stay in touch virtually. You should not be associating with people (i.e. going over for coffee or a meal, walking arm in arm or hand in hand) – even your own family members – if you do not live in the same household. Kids should not be going over to other kids’ houses for playdates or playing together outside. For further guidance on what exactly social distancing and self isolation are see – <put in links to posters from CDC about what these terms mean>.

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Donate funds to relief efforts

Join the Victoria Foundation, Times Colonist and the Jawl family in raising millions for coronavirus emergency relief. This incredible initiative has already raised $1 million for immediate, responsive relief for our region to help with urgent community needs. The Fairfield Gonzales Community Association is one of many recipients as part of the Coalition of Neighbourhood Houses – Capital Region. Funds will be used to act quickly in the areas of food security, rent supports, and emergency childcare in our neighbourhood and across the region. Donate here
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Share your thoughts for a better future for all!

The Fairfield Gonzales Climate Action Group has decided to put their Climate Pledge program on hold for a few months. They will be focusing on giving the community an opportunity to express ideas or a better future for all. This crisis represents, for many of us, the occasion of a slower pace lifestyle. Also connecting back to what we care about most in this life. And why not becoming more self-sufficient? What about growing our own vegetables? It might also be a moment to achieving a sense of belonging in the various communities we belong to, and hear your thoughts on and definitions of what community is and what it means to you. 
For a start, the project will consist of interviews to share stories and learning from this experience.
We are still working on how these sources of inspiration will be collected and given back to the community. Written or recorded as a podcast, it is a way to express yourself!
For more information:
For more info about the podcast: see Instagram page: @inthecommunitygram
There is a link to the podcast in the bio.

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Donate Camping gear to homeless people

Rachel Ditor is a Fairfield Resident and Our Place volunteer. She is collecting any unused camping gear that folks would be willing to donate to help house the homeless. The current situation is pretty dire for them. The city is working on expanding safe options for sheltering and servicing this community and camping gear will continue to play an important role in that.

Please email us if you have any tents (or any size), sleeping bags, tarps, or other camping gear to donate. Think about items that are durable for outdoor life. You can leave whatever you can donate outside your door and Rachel will come collect it. No contact necessary. And she will wear gloves for pick up
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Show love to the community!

We have seen so many wonderful initiatives from neighbours to cheer us up and our kids. Including Hearts in the Window Chalk your walk… Join the movement!

There are also safe ways to support local businesses during this crisis. Follow this link for more info

Victoria Buzz – a local look at current news, lists of what’s open & what’s not, how to support local businesses & who is delivering as well as lots of other great info related to the COVID-19 situation.

Are you or your neighbours doing something inspiring or creative want to share? Let us know! email: event@fairfieldcommunity.ca

Want to share a project you or your neighbours are doing? Promote is on City Share Canada

CityShare Canada is a crowdsourced platform that aggregates examples of community-based resilience in action, and that accelerates collective problem-solving to help local communities across Canada respond to COVID-19.

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