All renters must read and sign the Memo of Understanding and return at least 7 days prior to event

2023 Renters Memo of Understanding

Do I have to get insurance?

Yes. We require proof of insurance 96 hours (4 days) before your event. If you are unable to provide insurance within that time, you will be unable to rent our facility.
Insurance fees range from $15 to $200+ depending on your type of activity, how many attendees are coming, if alcohol is being served, and a variety of other factors.The City of Victoria makes is easy for users of our facility to purchase insurance, contact:

Darlene Hammond, Permit Clerk, City of Victoria, 250-361-0361

Is there a deposit? When do I have to pay?

There is no deposit. Full payment secures the booking. Cancellation may occur up to seven (7) days prior to your booking, at which point a refund is possible, minus a booking fee of $42.00 which includes the GST. After 7 days, a refund will not be issued.

Are tables and chairs included in my rental?

Yes. The Garry Oak Room will fit a maximum 50 chairs and 10 tables. Our other rooms have lots of tables & chairs to set up as you wish.

Am I responsible for the set-up and take-down of my tables & chairs?

Yes. Plan for required set-up as well as take-down of your rental space, leaving the room how you found it.

Can I have extra time before my rental to set up?

Your rental begins and ends with the time you have paid for. Please book the time you need to set up and return the room as you found it. The facility attendant will arrive prior to your rental time to check the washrooms and kitchen and unlock the building. They will be happy to orient you to the facility. If you require more time for your set-up, you will need to book and pay for additional set-up/take-down time.

What is the latest we are able to leave the building?

The latest you can leave the building is the end time that you have booked.

What audio or visual presentation equipment is available? Is there an additional cost?

These items are available upon request, with no additional charge:
Sound System (only in Garry Oak Room) including speakers, and microphones. Projector screen, white board, Flip chart stands – paper and markers responsibility of renters

Do you provide cups, plates, dishes, cutlery, tablecloths etc?

No. You may bring your own or rent event supplies from a catering company such as Pedersen’s The Celebration Experts

Is there a coffee maker and kettle available for use?

No. You are responsible to bring everything you need to provide coffee & tea at your event.

Do you have cooking utensils, knives, pots & pans, etc. available in the kitchen?

It is best to bring your own kitchen items for cooking as we only have an assortment of small utensils.

Is it possible to serve alcohol at my event?

Yes. You need the following:

Special Event Permits (SEP) from BC Liquor Stores, are available to event hosts who wish to provide temporary or infrequent liquor service at events such as family gatherings, private functions, community festivals and manufacturer tastings. A Special Event Permit permits the host to serve or sell liquor at an event in accordance with BC’s liquor laws and regulations. No homemade wine or beer is allowed. Event hosts are considered liquor permittees and are responsible for the safety of their guests.

All individuals hosting or serving liquor at an SEP event – including family events – are required to complete a Responsible Beverage Service (RBS) training program.

Read & Sign the Renter MEMO of Understanding
Private function insurance is available through local providers including Allsport –

I would like to rent the kitchen to make a product I can then sell, is that possible?

Yes. Our kitchen is an industrial kitchen that fits VIHA & FoodSafe criteria. You will need to obtain a FoodSafe certificate ( as well as a licence from VIHA

Are all your rooms wheelchair accessible?

Yes. All our rooms have ground level or ramp access with wheelchair washrooms available. Our doors do not have an automatic open feature.

Is there parking nearby?

There are 5 parking spots in front of the main Place building on Fairfield Road. After school hours and on holidays, the Sir James Douglas Elementary School parking lot is available for facility users. Additional parking is available on the Porter Park side of Thurlow Street at any time.

Can I have candles in the room?

No. We will bill any renters responsible for setting off the fire alarm by not using the stove fan or by burning sparklers, birthday candles, smoke machines or anything that produces smoke or fumes. False alarms are subject to a $50 fee.