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Call for Submissions ~ for August/September/October 2020 issue

In the next issue of the Observer we want to share neighbourhood stories, images and snapshots from all the ups, downs and changes that have happened in this whirlwind of a Spring. We are looking for local contributions from you, your kids – whoever feels inspired to share.

Send us some words….

  • a story of neighbours coming together, something that inspired you
  • a poem you wrote
  • a thank you to someone, a stranger, a shout out of appreciation

Send us a picture….

  • of your business & your new COVID set up. Your plexiglass, take out window, line up spot – we wanna see it. We want to showcase as many Fairfield Gonzales businesses as we can & let neighbours know you are open & ready to greet customers safely.
  • something that kept you busy & happy, that you are proud of & want to share. Knitting, baking, art, chopping that whole wood pile – show us your doing & making. Your garden, your project – we want to see it!

You have another idea? Give us a shout...

Email questions, ideas or to reserve your spot: office@fairfieldcommunity.ca

Issue will be for mid August to mid December, with content due end of July.