Fall Fairfield is an annual music, arts, and experiential festival in the heart of Fairfield. It is a free, all-ages event, bringing together local businesses, artists, performers, and people across Victoria in celebration of Fairfield’s dynamic culture and the harvest season. If your business aligns with our values of local, sustainable, and inclusive products or programs we want you to be a part of this event! With over 2,500 attendees, Fall Fairfield is a neighbourhood celebration that supports future special event programming at Fairfield Gonzales Community Association.

Date: Saturday, September 21st 2019
Times: 1 p.m. – 6 p.m.
Location: Robert J. Porter Park

If you are interested in being a vendor for 2019 fill out the online vendor application below:

If you have any questions about vending, please email event@fairfieldcommunity.ca.