Fairfield Food Forest is a permaculture garden growing a wide variety of small trees, berry shrubs, herbs and more. See what growing here.

Location: Porter Park, on Thurlow Rd between Kipling & Durban Streets.

A passionate group of dedicated residents brought Fairfield Food Forest, our first community garden, into being in 2013.

Food Forest Mini Fall Work Party on October 3rd

Join us for a mini fall work party, family pods or small groups working together (or apart). By registration only.  Please send an email to fairfieldcommunitygardens@gmail.com to sign up for a session.

If you are interested in working independently with your own tools, please get in touch (fairfieldcommunitygardens@gmail.com)

If you are looking for creative ways to stay involved in the Fairfield Food Forest until there is a work plan in place, you could plant a few seedlings in your home to pop in the Food Forest once we’ve set up temporary annual beds. From there, we can share this spring & summer. See updates The Food Forest Facebook Page.

Email: fairfieldcommunitygardens@gmail.com

Facebook: Fairfield Community Gardens https://www.facebook.com/groups/839239216195711/

Fairfield Community Garden Proposal 2012
Map of Porter Park with proposed commons location
Community Garden Design
Garden Timeline

Please contact the group of you’re interested in volunteering or have any questions or concerns.

The Fairfield Food Forest receives financial support from the City of Victoriacov_logo_cmyk