We have several Garden projects on the go. See below for details and ways to get involved!

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Upcoming Events:

Food Forest Fall Party

Ross Bay Native Plant Garden

Location: Between Ross Bay Cemetery and Memorial Crescent. It will extend from Dallas road to Bushby St.

The southern section of the garden has been approved by the City of Victoria and construction will begin Fall 2023.

Salt-spray and wind resistant native plants will be planted on the site. It will be a natural community gathering area where anyone can come and learn about coastal plants that thrive in our area.

Some plants that we know will thrive in this area include:
Ocean Spray, Oregon Grape, Nodding Onion, Sword fern, Junegrass, Seablush, Evergreen huckleberry, Snowberry, Pearly Everlasting, Woolly sunflower and more

More information & FAQs on this project here

Fairfield Community Gardens are generously supported financially by the City of Victoria

Fairfield Food Forest

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Location: Porter Park, on Thurlow Rd between Kipling & Durban Streets.

Fairfield Food Forest is a permaculture garden growing a wide variety of small trees, berry shrubs, herbs and more! 

Everyone is welcome to visit the Food Forest at any time to grow and harvest food while following permaculture techniques. This is not meant to be a vegetable garden but instead be a garden where anyone can come to and cultivate plants for the whole community can enjoy for years to come.

Some things that need to be done in this garden include: tree pruning, weeding, compost mulching, under-story planting, irrigation revamping, preparation for installation of a second fence to encircle the rest of the garden.

There are many edible and medicinal plants in the Food Forest! Click the plant maps below:

The Fairfield Food Forest receives financial support from the City of Victoria

Garry Oak Restoration Project

Location: Robert J. Porter Park along Fairfield Rd.

There are specific plants that grow in healthy Garry Oak eco-systems that each help keep that area in balance and provide an important habitat for Indigenous animals. We have an opportunity to reintroduce species that are lacking in the meadow and foster healthy soils to make those plants thrive. Increasing the biomass in the Garry oak meadow will also greatly reduce the flooding experienced in the lower fields of Porter park and also reduce the dryness seen in the summer months.

An important part of this project will be community education through activities in the meadow as well as signs and barriers. You can be an influential part of this project just by helping a few weekends a year.