FGCA Community Dinner ~ home delivery & free!

We are pleased to offer our community dinners once again! All for free & delivered straight to your door.
For each event we will have 50 dinners available to folks nearby (approximately 4km to the centre, Fairfield, Gonzales, James Bay, Rockland, Downtown, Fernwood are all OK)
Thanks to our cooks & team of volunteers who make it happen! Please email event@fairfieldcommunity.ca for more info, or to become a volunteer driver.

Dinners are taking a break for the summer. We plan to restart in October & will post updates here.

Once you submit the form you will receive a confirmation email. Donations are not required, but if you feel inclined, there is a button below ~ thank you!

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Thank you to the City of Victoria for making these dinners possible through a Strategic Plan Grant.

And thank you to the Rapid Relief Fund for helping us expand our food security programs.

If you want to make a donation, click the button below & donate through Canada Helps