The foyer, in the main building at Fairfield Community Place, serves as gallery space with the intention of displaying artwork from local artists. Since its inception in 2014, colourful paintings, pictures and installations have decorated the centre’s walls. We strive to feature artists who align with the FGCA’s organization values.

Our 2024 Artist Applications are now CLOSED. For more information please email

Current Exhibit/Upcoming Events

Caron Smith: Living Waters Opening Reception

Date: Saturday, March 9

Time: 4-6pm

Location: 1330 Fairfield Rd.

Showing March 5 – April 2

Artist Bio

My name is Caron Smith and I am an artist working with oil paint on canvas or soft pastels on paper. Painting en plein air with the local “Al Frescoes” painting group has greatly influenced my art. I also paint in my shared studio in Fairfield, and at a life drawing group in Metchosin. Bold mark making is characteristic of my style. My goal is to enliven one’s sense and to convey my appreciation of our natural world – from landscapes to the human form.

Please feel free to look at my paintings at or on Instagram

Mara Szyp

Showing: April 3rd – May 3rd

Artist Bio

Mara Szyp is an emerging Argentinian-Canadian artist and three time cancer survivor. She specializes in West Coast landscape and contemporary abstract. Her preferred medium is oil. She now dedicates herself full time to art and creates evocative pieces that transport viewers to the unique beauty of coastal environments.

Past Exhibitors

Bruna Silva

Showing February 1 – March 1

1330 Fairfield Rd.

Artist Bio

“My name is Bruna, I was born and raised in Brazil and moved to Canada 4 years ago. Ive always enjoyed making art, its been a passion and hobby since I was little. I am a self-taught artist and moving to Canada got me inspired to continue exploring my art, improving and trying new medias.I appreciate all the support I get and I am always open for commissions and new ideas. Reach me out on my instagram page @_brunasart.”

Ashley Chun: Chez Jini

Showing January 3 – 31st

1330 Fairfield Rd.

Artist Bio

“Growing up with an artist mom, I’ve always had art in my childhood. My mom was an artist & graphic designer in South Korea before my parents moved to Vancouver and had me. I learned by watching her & experimenting with different styles since I was really young. Moving here, she had to put her creative life on pause in order to take care of my sister and I. However, growing up, whenever there was an opportunity, she used her creativity in even in the smallest ways. She helped me beautify my project posters for school, painted flowers on my nails, and gave me little tips on my sketches, even when those sketches were on the apartment walls…

I’ve had the most creative childhood because of her, and she inspired me to explore my artistic side again in the past couple of years. Her dream when she was my age, was to be a professional artist. So, this one is for her.”


Artist Application

To be filled out by artists who wish to display their works in the FGCA gallery space. 2024 bookings are currently full.

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