Outdoor Food Pantry

Anybody can take what they need, and/or drop off food*
Free, open 24/7 at 1330 Fairfield Rd.
*Please note this is only for non-perishable foods and hygiene items. Please no clothing, perishable foods or expired foods. Thank you!
In December 2020, a local resident, helped by her neighbours, installed this pantry based on the same format as the little book libraries.

Indoor Community Freezer

Anybody can take what they need.
Free, in the foyer at 1330 Fairfield Rd., open during centre hours.
We offer a changing selection of rescued, frozen foods including frozen fruits & veggies, meat, prepared foods, or leftovers from our other food support services. Rescued food is all perfectly good food that has been donated because it is close to expiry, overstocked, mislabeled or has damaged packaging.
Sorry, no donations allowed for food safe reasons.

Tuesday Pantry (by registration only)

We offer quality rescued food to community members in a safe and welcoming environment.

What is it ?  Each Tuesday, individuals and families can “shop” rescued food for free including fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy, frozen healthy food, dry food, and more. Food offered varies each week. Homemade meals and treats (cooked with the same rescued food by volunteers) and Red Cedar Café meals may also be available.

Who can access this service ? We prioritize people who self-identify as food-insecure. If you don’t have access in terms of quantity and quality to a healthy, consistent and culturally-appropriate diet, you are eligible. No questions asked. Individuals of all ages, along with families, are eligible. Whether you simply need to eat more fruits and vegetables, more proteins, if you have to skip some meals or if you go to bed hungry, you are eligible.

I cannot physically come to the center, can I benefit from it anyway? Yes, our volunteers offer home delivery service in Fairfield Gonzales and adjacent neighbourhoods.

Contact us if you are eligible, email event@fairfieldcommunity.ca or call 250-382-4604

Rescued food cooking sessions

A small group of volunteers are cooking food leftovers every Tuesday. Together they rescue food available at the center and cook them into yummy meals and desserts. For now, their production is offered only to the Tuesday Pantry program participants, although there might be a few meals offered in the Indoor Community Freezer. Their purpose is also to raise awareness about food waste and give community members the knowledge and tools to decrease household food waste.

To provide information about allergies and food intolerances, below are published the recipes corresponding to the available food:

Borscht recipe

Peanut butter Oat Cookies

Banana Bread

Ancient Grainbow Bowl

Apple Pie

Information and Resources

Half of the food produced in Canada is wasted, while 1 in 7 Canadians cannot afford enough food for their families or themselves. In the CRD, an estimated 50,000 people are considered food-insecure*, and 30,000 people don’t currently access food services. We consider this phenomenon “hidden hunger”. In a wealthy country like Canada, this is not only a matter of social justice, it should just not happen at all. And there is something we are doing about it. We believe solving hunger relies on secure, safe, varied and adapted food access. We believe that food should be primarily healthy and local. In light of this information, our Neighbourhood Association runs diverse food programs and is becoming a real Food Hub, hence its name: Fairfield Gonzales Neighbourhood Pantry.

*Individuals and families who identify as food insecure don’t have access in terms of quantity and quality to a healthy, consistent and culturally-appropriate diet.

Other community food resources: Food Services ​in the Capital Region