The City of Victoria is an important partner in helping the FGCA achieve its purposes. Our building at 1330 Fairfield Rd. is owned by the City, and they provide funding for many of our charitable programs. 

Fairfield Gonzales has a designated Council member, Matt Dell, who is your link to City Council. Reach him at

We also have a City staff member, Kimberley Stratford, who is a member of the Neighbourhoods team and is your resource for navigating City Hall and for your ideas and actions in your neighbourhood. Kimberley can be reached at

If you’d like to get on the City’s email list for important updates, email

City News

August 2022 Ross Bay Cemetery Tree Removals (003)

July 2022 Construction Notice Cowichan Street

June 2022 Minister Fleming re Transit RESPONSE

April 2022 Topaz Park

April 2022 Bikeway Traffic Calming Construction Updates

2021- Sept-Oct construction

Sept 2021 – Fairfield tree removal notice

Sept 2021- Gonzales tree removal notice

Monthly reports from Neighbourhoods team:

These reports are compiled monthly by our Neighbourhood Liaison and contain relevant information about your neighbourhood, including City programs that support the FGCA’s activities.

Nov 2021 -City Neighbourhood Staff Report

Oct 2021 – City Neighbourhood Staff Report

Aug 2021 – City Neighbourhood Staff Report

July 2021 – City Neighbourhood Staff Report

June 2021 – City Neighbourhood Staff Report

May 2021 – City Neighbourhood Staff Report

Apr 2021 – City Neighbourhood Staff Report

Feb 2021 – City Neighbourhood Staff Report    

Jan 2021 – City Neighbourhood Staff Report 

Victoria Together Against Graffitis (VTAG)

The city of Victoria provides free paint kits so that residents can cover graffitis on Hydro poles in their neighbourhood. Paint kits are available at the center, come anytime to pick them up! More info below

VTAG is back! Make your neighbourhood look great again by painting or helping coordinate volunteers and paint supplies!

What is this program? An agreement between the City and BC Hydro to cooperate with volunteers in removing unsightly graffiti in our neighbourhoods.

Why doing it? Graffiti is a form of vandalism which degrades the appearance of our communities. The lack or respect for public property tends to promote and increase vandalism, more crime and even decline in property values. Clean up programmes help eradicate tags and discourage repeats.

Who in involved? At this point a volunteer coordinator for the Fairfield Gonzales Neighbourhood is invited to liaise with our organization. They will recruit volunteers, connect them with supplies and deal with local questions. Participating residents and other volunteers in the program show a neighbourhood that cares and gain satisfaction from being part of a team taking pride in our city.

How does it work? VTAG provides easy to carry kits with two small paint cans, gloves, a brush and a stick. Paint over wooden power poles, other posts and some utility boxes.

When can I volunteer? Work on your own, in pairs or in larger groups in a “block painting”! Whether it’s one pole or several, each renewal improves the visual character of your neighbouhood.

More info: Fairfield Gonzales Community Association or City of Victoria Neighbourhood Advisor: