From time to time, the Board of Directors advocates to elected bodies and relevant organizations on emerging issues that affect the FGCA and the Fairfield Gonzales community. Below are letters and reports from the Board from the last few years. Letters from the Community Association Land Use Committee regarding specific developments are posted on the CALUC meeting minutes and letters page.


January 8, 2020 Letter to Mayor and Council re Clover Point and Dallas Road amenities

January 7, 2020 Email to mayor and council re Richardson Bike Lane report

January 7, 2020 Cycling task force* report re Richardson Bike Lane

*The FGCA Cycling Task Force was comprised of all interested community members who responded to a broad call-out in the Observer newspaper and FGCA email list and membership list in August 2017.

Nov 6, 2019 Letter to Mayor and Council re: Traffic Calming

May 16, 2019 Letter to Mayor and Council re Brighton Greenway and Greenways Plan

May 9, 2019 Letter to Mayor and Council from VCAN re OCP amendments


September 14, 2018 Letter to Carole James re member Member Privacy

March 2018 Cycling Task Force Final Report to Mayor and Council

March 3, 2018 Letter to CRD re Gonzales Hill

January 12, 2018 Letter to Mayor and Council re Fairfield Plan extension

January 2018 Report on CRD response to community feedback on Dallas Road amenities


July 13, 2017 Letter to Mayor re Reconciliation in Fairfield Gonzales

July 2017 Report to CRD on community feedback re Dallas Rd-Clover Point amenities

September 28, 2017 Letter to Carole James re tenting in Victoria