Want to join FGCA’s Land Use Committee – CALUC?

What is the Fairfield Gonzales Community Association Land Use Committee (CALUC)?

This FGCA committee supports and implement the City of Victoria’s community-based CALUC process for the Fairfield-Gonzales community . The committee provides a public venue for proponents to present zoning variance applications, and for community opinions about such applications to be voiced, recorded and shared with decision-making bodies at the City of Victoria. Its goal is to facilitate such proponent-community interactions in an unbiased and well-run manner so that all Fairfield Gonzales community opinions are welcomed and shared. The CALUC does not take a position either for or against a proposed development. The CALUC may also choose to host public meetings on other topics, such as past meetings on garden suite bylaw changes and Dallas Road amenities.

The committee is comprised of volunteers who reside in Fairfield and Gonzales. Each neighbourhood in Victoria has a Community Association Land Use Committee (CALUC). You can visit the City of Victoria website to learn more about the role of the CALUC in the development process, including the City’s Terms of Reference for all CALUCs in Victoria. Information about the Fairfield Gonzales CALUC including meeting dates, minutes of past meetings, and the Terms of Reference for the Fairfield Gonzales CALUC can be found on the Fairfield Gonzales Community Association website.

Call for membership

The Board will appoint CALUC members in October for a November start date.
Committee appointments are for a one year term. There is no limit on the number of terms a member may be on the Committee. Please complete the application below if you would like to be considered for membership on the CALUC.

FGCA CALUC member application

  • We hope to represent a diversity of ages on the CALUC. Are you:
  • We hope to maintain a gender balance on CALUC. Are you:
  • Why do you want to serve on the FGCA CALUC?
  • We would like to represent housing diversity amongst CALUC members, including housing type, owners and renters, and geographic area of Fairfield Gonzales. Please describe your current housing situation, including these aspects.
  • What is your understanding of what CALUC does, and what it does not do?
  • The FGCA CALUC is a busy committee. The committee meets every second Thursday with a few cancellations each year if there are no proposals. Some committee members also spend time on report writing, communication, and other activities outside of meeting times. Are you able to commit to meeting every second Thursday, 7-9pm, plus some additional work in between meetings?
  • Do you have skills or knowledge in any of the following? Check off all that apply:
  • What is your experience participating in, or facilitating, public meetings or engagement processes? Please be as detailed as possible.