Instructor: Jordan Hanson

Check out this news feature on Jordan’s course offering at UVIC: UVIC Drumming


Music – African Hand Drumming (Lvl 1)

Have you ever wanted to learn to play music in a welcoming group setting? It’s a fun way to unwind and energize while meeting new friends! African drumming has proven health benefits, and is easy for anyone to learn at any age. No need to own a drum. New students can sign up at any time (classes are pro-rated from start date). Beginners are welcome and drums are provided. Award-winning instructor Jordan Hanson uses a progressive, easy-to-follow teaching style. Each new student receives a 24-page handbook & instructional DVD for playing along at home.

Tuesdays, Jan 21 – Mar 10

Music – African Hand Drumming (Lvl 2)

For students who have taken LEVEL 1 for at least one year, and are comfortable playing bass, tone and slap notes. Develop your sense of timing, polyrhythm, and syncopation. Learn traditional solo phrases and rhythmic breaks.

Tuesdays, Jan 21- Mar 10


Join late and we pro-rate!