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vanya-200x300Vanya McDonell  ~ Co-Executive Director

250382-4604 or vmcdonell@fairfieldcommunity.ca

Vanya’s work is driven by her passion for creating connections and building partnerships. She believes that people are at their greatest capacity when they are part of something larger than themselves: a community. Vanya has been in a variety of roles with the FGCA since 2008.  Vanya holds her BSc from UVic in Biology and Mathematics, a certificate in Volunteer Management, and is a lifelong learner who continually seeks out learning opportunities. She currently serves on the Board of the Sara Spencer Foundation and volunteers regularly in other capacities in the community. Vanya’s areas of focus at the FGCA are community development, communications, and fund development.

kristina-e1405462575732-150x150Kristina Wilcox ~ Co-Executive Director

250382-4604 kwilcox@fairfieldcommunity.ca 

Kristina is eager to have a meaningful and powerful voice in the delivery of service for children and families. She was drawn to education by a motivation to make a difference in her community, and values the role a community organization can play as an effective and wide ranging tool for positive change. Shortly after moving to Victoria in January of 2013, Kristina joined the FGCA team. She brings with her many years of experience working with children in a variety of educational, recreational and athletic settings. Kristina graduated from Simon Fraser University in 2011 as a BC Certified Teacher and since then has taught in London, England and Greater Victoria. Kristina’s areas of focus at the FGCA are child care programs and human resources.

Stefie Gray ~ Administrative Assistant & Facility Rentals

250382-4604 or place@fairfieldcommunity.ca

Pippa Davis ~ Office & Communications Manager

250382-4604 or office@fairfieldcommunity.ca

Pippa has been with the FGCA since 2008. Through work, education and luck, Pippa has collected an assortment of office skills and enjoys being resourceful. When not kept busy at the FGCA, she practices resourcefulness with her family and friends.

Erin Henneberry ~ Community Development Coordinator

250-382-4604 or event@fairfieldcommunity.ca

Thomas King ~  Recreation & Facility Coordinator

250-382-4604 recreation@fairfieldcommunity.ca

Evan Pepper ~ Child Care Coordinator

250-382-4604 or childcare@fairfieldcommunity.ca

Evan joined the FGCA as a leader in the Out of School Care program shortly after moving to Victoria in 2013 and in August 2017 moved into the role of Child Care Coordinator. He has worked with children of all ages and taught Preschool age through Elementary. After establishing a French program at a local Independent school he decided to take that mindset and experience back to the FGCA. Through his education, workshops, and experience, Evan is very knowledgeable with children both typical and non typical. While working at the FGCA, Evan held multiple jobs as an EA, TA, Teacher, Activity Coordinator, and as a Behavioural Interventionist offering ABA Therapy to children with multiple diagnoses. He is passionate about community and program integration for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Susanna Jaeckel ~ Early Years Coordinator

250-382-4604 or eyc@fairfieldcommunity.ca

Susanna joined FGCA as an Early Childhood  Educator in our Infant Toddler Program in November 2020 and has recently moved into her new role as the Early Years Coordinator.

Susanna received her ECE License to practice at North Island College in Courtenay BC in 2001 and has shared her passion and experience to support children and families for the past 20 years.

Susanna’s work in early years learning is driven by her dedication to provide rich and meaningful connections between our environment, our community and each other.
Susanna believes each child is unique and promotes the value of peace through a inclusive, thoughtful and holistic practice.

Gabrielle Coburn ~ Fairfield (Sir James Douglas Elementary) Out of School Care Manager

250-382-2065 or ffosc@fairfieldcommunity.ca

UteUte Von Salzen ~ Margaret Jenkins Out of School Care Manager

250-592-8800 or mjosc@fairfieldcommunity.ca

Ute started working at our Five-Points preschool in 2007, began facilitating the Thursday morning Parent & Tot drop-in program in 2013 and most recently moved to managing Margaret Jenkins Out of School Care in 2017. Working at the FGCA has been extremely rewarding for Ute. She enjoys connecting with all families and believes the community centre can be a central point for building meaningful relationships for families. It is Ute’s great pleasure to follow our families’ journey through the joys and difficulties of parenting and growing. She holds an Early Childhood Education (ECE) certificate and a Bachelor of Social Work from Germany, her native country. Having worked in many different roles with children and families over the years and being a parent of teenagers herself, she brings a great variety of practical knowledge to the FGCA

Nikki Cuddy ~  Huckleberry Infant Toddler Centre Lead Educator

250-382-4604 or huckleberry@fairfieldcommunity.ca

Nikki Cuddy deeply values her work with young children and enjoys personal connections with families. Much of her practice focuses on positive guidance strategies and fostering emotional intelligence in the early years. She graduated from Langara College with a Diploma in Early Childhood Education (Infant/ Toddler specialization) in 2015. Most recently she worked as a Team Lead for a large infant program in Perth, Australia. She also was an I/T educator for UBC Childcare services in Vancouver for several years. Prior to working in Early Childhood Education, she taught English as a Second Language in countries such as Taiwan, South Korea and Thailand. Nikki also holds her BA.H in English and Theatre from Queen’s University

Sam Oakwell-Morgan ~ Camas Early Years Centre Lead Educator

250-382-4604 or camas@fairfieldcommunity.ca

Josh Douglas-Tubb ~ Moss Rock Preschool Lead Educator

250382-4604 or mossrock@fairfieldcommunity.ca

Adam Rayburn  ~ Youth Programs Supervisor

250382-4604 or youth@fairfieldcommunity.ca

Adam has been serving youth since he was a youth himself.  At the age of 17 he started a free, youth-oriented music festival that still runs today!  Adam believes that youth need to be given opportunities to take on greater responsibilities in their own programming and care.  He has worked with many different age groups in summer camps, youth centres and even building soap boxes.  Adam specializes in music, active recreation and one-on-one mentorship.  Adam oversees the youth programs at the FGCA.

Emily Hull ~  Food Forest Coordinator

250382-4604 or fairfieldcommunitygardens@gmail.com

“I tell everyone that I am proud to work here. It’s a place that creates community, respect, and care.” – Former staff