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April 2nd 2020

There are so many faceless emails going around, I thought I’d share my face 🙂 I’m Pippa, the FGCA Office Manger, currently working from my new home office between my two geckos & I compile contributions from many folks to create the E-news. The Fairfield & Gonzales neighbourhoods are my community and I feel proud & lucky to be alone-together with such a resourceful, caring, motivated & creative bunch!
The centre is closed, but we are finding creative ways to serve the community. To get in touch email us at or from 9am – 3pm you can call 250-661-8011. Updates to our offerings will be posted on our website.
Click the info-graphic below & hop over to our website to lean more about these initiatives

Can you offer help?

  • Submit an offer into the Coming Together Victoria Mutual Aid (web app) if you can help someone with getting groceries, dog walking, medication pick up, navigating resources etc.
  • Flyering your neighbors Please get in touch with Susan at 250-592-3587 she will be happy to help you get the initiative going & share a draft flyer with you.
  • Camping gear donations to homeless people, email us if you have any tents (or any size), sleeping bags, tarps, or other camping gear to donate. Someone will pick them up.
  • Monetary donations to Rapid Relief Fund, Join the Victoria Foundation, Times Colonist and the Jawl family in raising millions for coronavirus emergency relief.
  • bc 211 – Safe Seniors, Strong Communities Program matches seniors who need support with non-medical essentials, to volunteers in their community that are willing to help. Call 211 or visit the website to sign up.

Do you need help?

Put in a request into one of these local groups:

Struggling to get food on the table?

Consider visiting the website. The program allows volunteers who want to “purchase online groceries or gift cards at grocery stores” on a one time basis for people who are isolated and /or experiencing financial difficulties . It is a very simple process, and contact between the volunteers and the recipients are managed by email , with no actual physical meetings .

Support Moss St Market vendors

Moss St Market’s online store is now open. Also they have compiled a list of their market vendors who are offering pick-up/drop-off/delivery options. See the list here, and check back often as they update it!

Fairfield Food Forest

We have been working on creative ways to nurture our Food Forest during this growing season while protecting our community. Upcoming work parties are cancelled, but if you are interested in working independently with your own tools, please get in touch ( If you are looking for creative ways to stay involved in the Fairfield Food Forest until there is a work plan in place, you could plant a few seedlings in your home to pop in the Food Forest once we’ve set up temporary annual beds. From there, we can share this spring & summer. See updates The Food Forest Facebook Page.

Repair Cafe ~ fix it challenge!

Have you had time to fix something at home? Repair Cafe Fairfield wants you to send them photos,

Artist in Residence – Live Stream

With music venues closed and public events postponed due to COVID-19 (coronavirus), musicians around the world are finding creative ways to perform and share access to live music. The City of Victoria’s Artist in Residence, Kathryn Calder, will live stream a concert from her home. The 30-minute solo set will include a selection of Kathryn’s own songs, as well as, a couple of her favourites written by others.
“Since we can’t get together in person right now, I thought it would be a fun idea to put this live stream concert together,” said Kathryn Calder, “My hope is that I can provide a small bit of musical relief in these uncertain times, so tune in, sing along, and I hope you enjoy the show!”The live stream will take place on Friday, April 3 at 7:30 p.m. Tune in to Kathryn’s YouTube channel here:

Scavenger hunts

Anyone needing a quick activity for he kiddos – print one of these scavenger hunt pages for an easy around the house thing to do.

Love in Action

Thank you Paula (a member of the Climate Action group) for sharing this heartwarming poem:
When you go out and see
the empty streets,
the empty stadiums,
the empty train platforms,
don’t say to yourself, “It looks like the end of the world.”
What you’re seeing is love in action.
What you’re seeing, in that negative space,
is how much we do care for each other,
for our grandparents,
for our immuno-compromised brothers and sisters
for people we will never meet.
People will lose jobs over this.
Some will lose their businesses.
And some will lose their lives.
All the more reason to take a moment,
when you’re out on your walk,
or on your way to the store,
or just watching the news,
to look into the emptiness
and marvel at all that love.
Let it fill you and sustain you.
It isn’t the end of the world.
It is the most remarkable act
of global solidarity
we may ever witness.
Dorset Campbell-Ross
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