In addition to providing governance and direction to the Association, the Board of Directors works through its committees. You don’t have to be on the Board to join most of our committees. If you are interested in participating in one of our public committees, get in touch!


The Governance Committee assists the Board in fulfilling its legal, ethical, and functional responsibilities by recommending Board policies and practices.

Terms of Reference Governance Committee


Chaired by the Board chair and comprised of the past chair, vice chair, secretary, treasurer, and executive director. The committee meets monthly to ensure monitoring and support of the operation of the association, especially on issues arising between scheduled board meetings.
Executive Committee Terms of Reference


This committee supports and implements the City of Victoria’s community-based CALUC processes for the neighbourhoods of Fairfield and Gonzales, by providing a public venue for proponents to present formal zoning variance applications, and by working to solicit and understand community opinions about such applications. Community opinions are recorded and shared with decision making bodies within the City of Victoria and with our membership.  CALUC’s goal is to facilitate such proponent-community interactions in an unbiased and well-run manner so that all Fairfield Gonzales community opinions are welcomed and shared. Contact the chair at

CALUC Terms of Reference

Meeting schedule
Meeting minutes and documents


The Neighbourhood Improvement Committee conducts research to address matters relating to the built environment, urban form, transportation, parks, and related matters so as to improve the social and environmental conditions in our neighbourhood, contributing to our vision of a ‘connected, collaborative, inclusive, and sustainable community.’ If you’d like to help, get in touch, we are always seeking new members!

Terms of Reference for the Neighbourhood Improvement Committee


The Place Committee provides guidance and support to staff in the operations and facilities of the Association.
Terms of Reference Place and Programs Advisory Committee


The Finance Committee, comprised of the Treasurer and other members of the Board, ensures best practices and legal requirements in finance are followed and oversees the financial operations of the Association.

Terms of Reference Finance Committee

“The Board of the FGCA are tremendous volunteers that give a lot to the association—they are not just figureheads.” – Former Board member