Join other community-minded individuals in helping to build a connected, collaborative, inclusive and sustainable community. We are eager to recruit directors who have an interest in board governance, service delivery, finance, communications, or community engagement to stand for election to the Board at our October AGM.  For more detailed information read our board member job description or contact (250) 382-4604.


DonDon Monsour ~ president

All Committees, VCAN Representative

Don can be reached directly at

As an advocate for community involvement Don has enjoyed participating and leading organizations in achieving their goals. While working with profit and not for profit organizations for over 45 years in several key initiatives he has developed a strong understanding of the rules and regulations that govern many boards and committees. As a leader of volunteer groups made up of individual personalities and objectives, he has successfully managed challenging goals and budgets and helped to raise close to 2 million dollars for not for profit associations. This experience, coupled with his business background, has provided Don with the ability to work within board guidelines helping to achieve the strategic goals and direction as set by the board.  Don truly believes that understanding the dynamics and chemistry that exists on a board is vital in supporting a board successful outcome.

Dave Thompson ~ vice president

David Thompson has lived in Rockland and James Bay, and now has settled in Gonzales. He is a small business owner and family man who cares about community. He drives, he cycles, he walks his dog, he has the odd beer with friends. He really likes the FGCA dinners and wishes he could attend more of them.

Kevin White

Kevin White has worked for the past 25 years as an Independent Education Management Professional, primarily in senior administration in both public and private K-12 schools and associations. Kevin holds three degrees, including a MA in educational technologies, and has led various national and international learning projects and conferences. However; always looking for new challenges and interests – Kevin has recently joined Devon Properties as a Rental Property Manager. Kevin is an active hobbyist and has a passion for the outdoors and sports. He has been involved in a number of community organizations and is a proponent of “paying-it-forward.” Kevin has been in Victoria since 2001, and recently moved to Fairfield with his wife and three children … and is grateful to be part of such a caring and committed community. He hopes to help sustain this culture of “community relationships” with his involvement in the community association.

Bryan Rowley

Bryan Rowley is a graduate student at the University of Victoria and has been working with youth and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) since 2008. He moved to Fairfield in 2015 and is passionate about making the community more accommodating to individuals of varying skills and abilities – for it is this diversity that makes our world an exciting place to be!



Brian Vatne

Brian has a Master’s degree in Public Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, both from the University of Victoria. Brian also has 15 years of experience working in the public sector, his responsibilities have included development of immigration policy, provincial workforce policy, health sector workforce planning and analysis, and managing a skills training program budget of approximately $30M a year. In addition to his work in the public sector, Brian has 10 years’ experience as an educator, designing and delivering courses for the University of Victoria’s School of Human and Social Development and Adult Education Programs.Brian lives in the Gonzalez neighbourhood with his wife and two young kids. One of his passions is long-distance trail running, including runs of 200+ miles; as such you’ll likely see him running around the Fairfield and Gonzalez neighbourhoods in the wee hours of the morning.

Julia Warren

Julia has gratefully called Victoria home since 2012, and began living in Fairfield in 2016. As a Registered Social Worker, she has been involved with a number of community organizations and has spent significant time working with individuals in marginalized populations, including various positions within the areas of homelessness, substance use, and disability. She has also spent significant time working in child care, and currently works in Employment Services. Julia is passionate about working with people and contributing to inclusive communities, and is excited to be involved with the Fairfield Gonzales Community Association.


Michael Hirsch

Michael has almost fifteen years experience working in technology in both public and private sector roles and holds an MSc in Computer Science from Queen’s University. He has lived in Fairfield with his wife and two young kids since relocating from Ontario in 2014. Michael believes strongly in the work the FGCA does to connect neighbours, build community and provide needed programming for adults and children.



Anna Phelan

Anna has been developing her love and appreciation for Fairfield-Gonzales since her parents moved to the neighbourhood 22 years ago and she and her husband relocated here in 2016. After completing her Bachelor’s Degree at Queen’s University and two Master’s at Concordia, she spent more than a decade working in the Arts and Culture industry, as a festival organizer and Marketing and Communications specialist, collaborating with both grassroots community upstarts and some of Montreal’s biggest festivals. Anna was then hired as Interim Director of the Centre culturel Georges-Vanier, a non-profit community arts centre, offering programming similar to the FGCA’s, where she gained invaluable insight into the challenges and rewards of running such an organization from the administrative side. Anna hopes the cumulative knowledge and experience she brings to the FGCA in a governance role will help to strengthen the organization in its mission to serve the community.

Scott Davis

Committees: Garden

Chris Reed

Jennifer Mathews

Jen Matthews has been a renter in Fairfield since 2015. She holds a Master of Social Work from the University of Victoria and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Carleton University in Ottawa. Jen has worked as a legal advocate in the area of provincial income and disability assistance at Together Against Poverty Society for the past 5 years. She joined the FGCA as a member of the Governance Committee in 2017 and has served on the FGCA Board since October 2018.

Patricia Ward

City of Victoria Councillor ~ Geoff Young


Neighbourhood Liaison for Fairfield Gonzales Community Association





“Our community members take their responsibilities seriously, but with realistic expectations and enormous good humour. It is a pleasure to work in such an environment.” – former board member