You’re invited to the Fairfield Gonzales Community Association’s

Annual General Meeting

Monday October 26, 7:00pm, online via zoom

Please join us in recognizing the accomplishments of the year, celebrating our 45th anniversary, and choosing our Board of Directors for 2020-21.

Documents for the meeting

2019-20 AGM AGENDA

2018-19 AGM MINUTES – draft for approval

2019-20 FGCA financial statements ending July 31 2020

2020 Nomination Committee Report

2019-20 FGCA Annual Report


To join the meeting

We recommend joining the meeting on a computer if possible, for the best functionality.

To join the video meeting via desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, click:



To join the meeting by phone, call: 778 907 2071 (Victoria local number)

enter Meeting ID: 825 2966 3682      and Passcode: 685423

The following commands can be used on your phone during the meeting:

*6 – Toggle mute/unmute

*9 – Raise hand


Once you join

  • Once you join, you will be let in from the ‘waiting room.’
  • Open the ‘chat.’ You may see a ‘chat’ button at the bottom of your screen or you may need to click the 3 dots/’more’ button to find it.
  • Type into the chat: your full name and ‘member’ if you are a member or ‘guest’ if you are a guest.
  • If you are phoning in, please unmute yourself and say your full name and whether you are a member.
  • The meeting host will check the FGCA member list and change your displayed name to reflect whether you are a member or a guest – this is for voting purposes.

During the meeting

  • The meeting will be recorded.
  • During the meeting, please keep your microphone on ‘mute.’ To mute and unmute yourself, press the microphone button on the lower left of your screen. You can also unmute by pressing and holding the spacebar while you speak.
  • To move or second a motion, raise your hand and wait for the chair to recognize you.
  • If you have a question or a comment, raise your hand and wait for the chair to recognize you. You can also use the chat to type questions or comments. Be sure that ‘Everyone’ is selected in the chat so everyone can see your question.
  • To raise your hand, you can just do so physically and keep it up until the chair recognizes you, or you can press the ‘raise hand’ button – to find this, click on ‘participants,’ then click ‘raise hand.’


  • Documents for the meeting (agenda, reports, etc.) will be up on our website by noon on Monday Oct. 26 for your review.
  • We will also upload all documents in the chat as they come up on the agenda, but if you are joining by phone or smartphone you will not be able to see them.
  • Some presentations will be displayed on-screen. Please hold any questions or comments until presentations are finished.


  • There will be some votes taking place during the meeting. Only members can vote.
  • The chair will only ask for members who are against the motion or abstain from the motion. The chair will ask for ‘those against’ or ‘those abstaining’ – if you are against or abstain, raise your hand and keep it raised until we announce the number against or abstaining. If you do not raise your hand as ‘against’ or ‘abstained’, you have voted in favour.


This online meeting format may require some extra patience but we look forward to welcoming you on Monday evening!


Annual Reports

AGM 2018-2019 Report, financials statements, 2018-2019

AGM 2017-2018 Report, financial statements 2017- 2018

AGM 2016-2017 Report, financial statements, 2016-2017

AGM 2015-2016 Report, financial statements 2015-2016

AGM 2014-2015 Report, financial statements 2014-2015

AGM 2013-2014 Report

AGM 2012-2013 Report

AGM 2011-2012 Report

AGM 2011 Report

AGM 2010 Report