Our Annual General Meeting is held once a year  in October or November.

Monday October 21st, 2019

7:00pm – 9:00pm in the Garry Oak room, 1335 Thurlow Rd.

Everyone is invited to come out to hear what the FGCA has been up to all year, and FGCA members vote to elect the board of directors. We are honoured to host Mayor Lisa Helps as our guest speaker.  Mayor Helps will have time to answer a few questions from members on topics of relevance to our neighbourhood.

Notice of Special Resolutions

At the AGM, members will be voting on some housekeeping changes to FGCA’s bylaws as below:


Be it resolved that the members of the Fairfield Gonzales Community Association move to approve the recommendation of the Board of Directors to adopt the following changes to the FGCA Bylaws:

  • change the required threshold of votes from 3/4 to 2/3 in the following areas of the bylaws:  Definition of “Consent Resolution”(pg 1); Section 2.12 (pg 4); Section 4.4 (pg 9); Section 4.12 (pg 11); Section 4.13 (pg 11); Section 4.14 (pg 11); Section 4.16 (pg 12); and, Section 5.5 (pg 14);
  • amend the title of Section 2.7 from “Amount of membership dues” to  “Duration of membership term and amount of membership dues” and the wording in Section 2.7 from “The amount of the annual membership dues” to “The duration of membership term and amount of the annual membership dues,” and;
  • change the requirement threshold for quorum at general meetings in Section 3.10 from “a quorum of the Board of Directors and at least 10 voting members in good standing”  to “at least 10 voting members in good standing.”
  • change the wording in Section 3.17 from “will close 5 business days before” to “will close at 5:00pm on the fifth business day before.”


Review of the FGCA bylaws by the Governance committee revealed that there are inconsistencies with regards the number of votes required to pass votes throughout the bylaws.  Currently there are certain votes that require a 2/3 majority and some that require a threshold of 3/4 majority to pass.  In order to avoid confusion and make our bylaws more consistent throughout the Board is recommending a 2/3 majority for all votes.   The Board is also recommending, three minor amendments to wording that were missed in the 2017 revisions, these changes have been listed notice of the special resolution.   All of the changes recommended are really housekeeping items and don’t change the mandate or operation of our bylaws, rather they make the bylaws more consistent with the requirements set out under the new Societies Act.


Are you or someone you know interested in serving on the Board of Directors? See our Board of Directors page for more information. Nominations close at 5:00pm on Friday October 11.

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