Special General Meeting for constitution and bylaw changes

April 12, 2021

On April 12, 2021, we hosted a general meeting of the members to make some changes to our constitution and bylaws. Changes were approved unanimously by voting members present. These changes do not affect FGCA’s ability to do CALUC or to do advocacy, please see this memo on charities and advocacy work.

Constitution approved by members April 12, 2021 

Bylaws approved by members April 12, 2021

Annual General Meeting

We host our Annual General Meeting in October of each year. We celebrate the year’s accomplishments, report out to our members, and elect members of our Board of Directors.

Annual Reports

2019-20 FGCA Annual Report, 2019-20 FGCA financial statements

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AGM 2017-2018 Report, financial statements 2017- 2018

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