Fairfield Community Summer Camps (6-12 years)

Join us for 8 weeks of non-stop action and fun. We will be enjoying different themed activities, out trips and guests each week. Our camps are child-focused and activities are driven by the children and their interests. The goal of each week of camp is to facilitate exciting experiential learning and make meaningful connections within our community through projects, give-back opportunities and teachable moments. Of course there are also plenty of opportunities to be silly, get messy and chill out with friends! Any questions regarding programming and/or registration can be sent directly to camps@fairfieldcommunity.ca or call 250-382-4604

Camps Offered (6-12 years – must have completed kindergarten)
Camps run from 8:00am – 5:30pm

Jul 4 – 7            Let’s Get Moving (4 / $160)   limited spaces available

We’ll be busy trying different types of movement as we participate in new activities and sports this week. Everything from dance to soccer and badminton to yoga is a possibility.

Jul 10 – 14       Art Attack (5 / $195)   Currently accepting for waitlist

Painting, comics, sculpting—oh my! Come join us for a week of creativity where we draw inspiration from our surrounding natural environment and community. Don’t miss our art show at the end of the week!

Jul 17 – 21        Kitchen Challenge (5 / $195)   Currently accepting for waitlist

From decadent desserts to savoury specialty’s we will be trying our hands at cooking up some real delicacies. Our week will culminate with an opportunity to test out the skills we have learned with the ultimate creative challenge!

Jul 24 – 28        Oceans of Fun (5 / $195)   limited spaces available

This week is all about water! Water week has always been a hit and we’ll be amping it up with trips to the beach, water parks and a dip in the pool!

Jul 31 – Aug 4  Scientific Discoveries (5 / $195)   6 spaces available

Put on your lab coats and grab your beakers! We will conduct some experiments and meet some fascinating people with things to teach us. You can’t spend all your time in the lab, so we will be observing the natural world in parks and beaches a lot.

Aug 8 – 11        Kids in Motion (4 / $160)   12 spaces available

We’ll be zipping around this week! The object of this week is to keep moving. We will be exploring different trails as well as different ways of getting around fast!  Put on your running shoes, because we’ll be playing some fun sports as well!

Aug 14 – 18      Movie Madness (5 / $195)   limited spaces available

This week is all about the performance! We’ll be inspired by real live performers before creating our very own movie! Our creative minds will come together as we create a story, script, costumes and sets all week. We’ll celebrate our success with an afternoon at the movies on the big screen.

Aug 21 – 25      Summer Camp Survivors (5 / $195)   limited spaces available

The final week of summer camp will be camp out themed and include greatest hit activities from the whole summer! Leading up to this grand finale we’ll be gathering kid-approved input on the perfect week of summer camp. This week is bound to have some messy surprises, outrageous out trips and fun to last us until next summer.

Forms can be dropped off during our regular office hours, at the Place (1330 Fairfield Road).

Summer Camp Registration Form Internal & External 1
Summer Camp External Registration Form 2
Summer Camp Guide to Registration 2017
Parent Handbook 
Pre-Authorized Debit form

If required, please include:

FGCA Anaphylaxis Care Plan
Medication Form
Primary Custody arrangement 
Shared Custody arrangement
Care Plan

Kayaking Camp (8-12 years)

Paddle your way to becoming a kayak pro! This camp is great for first timers and those looking to develop more skills. Explore different locations on the water while learning safety, terminology, tips and tricks! Program includes all required size appropriate safety equipment, kayak and transportation.

This 5-day course will build confidence for young paddlers in calm water and sheltered bays. Paddlers in this
course will be exposed to self-rescue skills, more than 6 paddling skills, and will gain experience necessary to
do a day trip, and paddle in sheltered waters with other paddlers. The program includes some on land sessions
related to safety, seamanship and navigating.
Paddlers taking this course will receive invaluable kayaking instruction/education and supervised experience
on the water. This course teaches beginner paddlers to confidently embark on day-long sea kayaking trips in
sheltered waters. Skills include turning on edge, self-rescue techniques and towing. Paddlers will begin to
interpret marine weather forecasts, plan day trips safely with consideration of tide tables and marine charts.

Locations Include:
Langford Lake, Mount Doug Park, Victoria Harbour, Esquimalt Lagoon, Gorge Waterway, Oak Bay Marina,
Thetis Lake, Fort Rod Hill, and Glenn Lake

Medications and physical limitations
• Please note that you will require a current tetanus shot (less than 10 years old).
• This is very important if you do not have up-to-date tetanus inoculation, you will not be permitted to
participate in the program without a current tetanus shot or a conversation with the program director.
• Please be sure to let us know of any limitations of which we should be aware.
• Please duplicate and separate the quantities of any medications you will need during your program,
and give your duplicated medications to your instructor, who will carry them.
• Seasickness can happen in a kayak but it is rare, if you are susceptible to seasickness please take
preventative care and let you instructor know.

Richardson Sport Inc.   Call 250-382-4604 to register.

Monday – Friday, July 10-14

Please bring registration and waiver form to instructor at first morning or arrive a bit early to fill out forms at the centre:

Kayak registration form

Kayak Waiver Form

Kayak Camp Outline

EcoQuest Camp (7-12 years)

Children become scientists as they explore local ecosystems and discover nature’s wonders down to a microscopic level by visiting the ocean, marshes, and wetlands. Environmental Themes, science experiments, cooperative games, kayaking, WildPlay, and outdoor adventures.  Richardson Sport Inc. Call 250-382-4604 to register.

Monday – Friday, Aug 28 – Sept 1

Please bring registration and waiver form to instructor at first morning or arrive a bit early to fill out forms at the centre:

EcoQuest registration form

EcoQuest Summer 2017 Waiver Forms

Youth Summer Camp at the FGCA (10-14 years)

The focus of the camp will be self-awareness and creative expression through art, movement, and body awareness. Using all kinds of mixed media, from painting, writing , photography, etc. to more large scale community projects, we will have fun finding new ways to explore the arts. the second week we will rise up to the challenge of outdoor exploration! The group will plan the final activity of the last day of camp, were we will come together as a team. Outdoor options can include Wild Play, kayaking or other ideas the group comes up with together. We will also explore new sports and fun ways to move our bodies. Call 250-382-4604 to register.

Monday – Friday, Jul 17 – Jul 28

Sportball Multi-Sport Summer Camps

Keep kids moving all year long!  Sportball half day camps help kids refine, rehearse, and repeat in the off season, with plenty of skill-focused play, creative exploration, and fun.  Camps are run indoor and outdoor depending on location and weather.   Please send a nut-free snack, water bottle, hat and sunscreen each day.

Monday-Friday, July 10 – July 14  CANCELLED

Monday-Friday, July 17 – July 21