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The Fairfield Gonzales Community Association is a charitable society overseen by an elected Board of Directors. Our Association membership is open to any individual who lives in or owns a business in the Fairfield/Gonzales Area. There is no charge for a membership and it is perpetual.
Membership is a simple step to becoming more involved with your community.  You will receive email notices regarding FGCA special events and projects, our AGM, and other news to keep you connected.

 2015-16 Annual General Meeting (AGM) ~ Monday, October 24th, 2016, 7-9pm

at Fairfield United Church, 1303 Fairfield Rd. Everyone is invited to come out to hear what the FGCA has been up to this last year & FGCA members will vote to elect the board of directors.

 Special General Meeting~  Monday, September 12th 7-9pm

The proposed bylaw changes were voted down at the Special General Meeting, with 61 votes for the changes and 92 votes against. The changes that were proposed are below:

FCA Constitution and Bylaws proposed changes Sept 2016

Rationale for proposed bylaw changes Sept 2016

 Community Member Survey Results

In late July of 2016, the Board of Directors hosted a community meeting and then conducted a survey of community members to gather input on the role of the Association in land use. The results of the survey are posted here.

 Q&A Regarding FGCA Board Motion of June 22nd, 2016 regarding Land Use

Following a request from some members for a Special General Meeting in June, the Board began to look into its land use functions and passed a motion to withdraw form these activities while seeking further information. A Q and A on this motion can be found here.

 Requisition for Special General Meeting June 2016

Information regarding the Special General Meeting which was requested and then indefinitely postponed by some of our members can be found here.






“Congratulations to the hundreds of committed community supporters who have made Fairfield and Gonzales what it is today.” ~ past Board Member