Reconciliation Circle


Upcoming activities:

First Nations Interpretive Walks

We are excited to once again partner with Mark Albany to offer First Nations interpretive walks for the community this spring. Mark will lead participants on an experiential learning opportunity giving a First Nations perspective on the land we inhabit. As always space is limited so register early!

Next walk: Saturday June 16, 9:30am – 12:00pm, downtown: details and registration here.

Celebrating Indigenous Stories

Join us to hear indigenous authors do free public readings at Little Free Libraries in Fairfield Gonzales. Refreshments provided and all are welcome!

Image courtesy of Stuart Pagaduan

Saturday June 23

Nella Nelson will read from her children’s book, Welcome Family and Friends to Our Bighouse
10:00am, Little Free Library near 234 Beechwood Ave.

Monique Gray Smith will read from her book, Speaking Our Truth
1:00pm, Fairfield Community Place, 1330 Fairfield Rd.

Janet Rogers will read from her book Totem Poles and Railroads
3:00pm, Olive Street Commons, 179 Olive St.


More info on the project:

The latest project of the Reconciliation Circle is ‘Celebrating Indigenous Stories’. Through a My Great Neighbourhood grant from the City of Victoria, our project will ‘seed’ Little Free Libraries around the neighbourhood with books by indigenous authors. The idea is to bring the diverse perspectives, stories, and ideas of indigenous peoples to the forefront. Join us at our launch event on Saturday June 23rd, when indigenous authors will read excerpts from their works at three Little Free Library locations in Fairfield Gonzales.

Get involved!

Donate: All books by indigenous authors are welcome! See our reading list below if you want some ideas. Drop off at Fairfield Community Place 1330 Fairfield Rd.

Volunteer: Help is needed with book distribution and event support. Email 

Celebrate: Saturday June 23, 10am, 1pm, and 3pm, details above.


Next Meeting: TBD

Join your neighbours as we explore how we can contribute at a local and personal level to support reconciliation with indigenous peoples. Everyone is welcome!

What  can you/we contribute at a local and personal level to support reconciliation with indigenous peoples? How can we learn more about the truth of Canada’s relationship with First Nations? We are convening a circle of interested people to discuss ideas, thoughts, and actions towards reconciliation in Fairfield Gonzales.  We welcome members of indigenous and non-indigenous communities to participate in this important dialogue, which we intend to be the beginning of the journey together. We know there is much collective wisdom in this community, which we want to tap into.

Get in touch with Vanya McDonell for more info or to get involved.


Members of the circle are currently working on three streams of action:

Build More Awareness of Indigenous Ways….we have  a city-funded neighbourhood grant for our “Celebrating Indigenous Stories” project. We will ‘seed’ little free libraries with books by Indigenous authors and host readings with Indigenous authors in order to celebrate the stories and perspectives of First Nations writers. We will use the reading list below as a source of ideas.

Map and connect to the land –  before settlement- with mapping initiative, walks with indigenous guides.

 Be an active resource for learning and outreach – enhance website, use social media, and broaden the dialogue. Group members are also exploring what we can enact locally from the TRC recommendations.

Get in touch if you’d like to help with any of these projects!

Reading list

Members of the Fairfield Gonzales Reconciliation Circle have put together an extensive reading list. The list contains both fiction and non-fiction on many different subjects. If you are interested in learning more about indigenous peoples and struggles, this is a great place to start!