Balls of yarn

Knit Along with the FGCA in March to create quality goods to send refugee camps!


Millions of people are currently living in refugee camps in Europe and the Middle East, fleeing the Syrian civil war and other life threatening conditions in their home countries. KNIT AID is a non-profit  organization based in the U.K. that sends knitted donations to refugee camps in Calais, Dunkirk, and various locations in Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria.



Our goal is to raise $2000 to purchase supplies including quality yarn that will hold up in the difficult conditions of a refugee camp. We have some talented young knitters in our Out-of-School Care programs who will knit squares to form blankets, and more advanced knitters will create ‘snoods’.  If we reach our fundraising goal we will have enough to create and send 4 blankets and 16 ‘snoods’!


Knit Along

Do you love to knit? We are also looking for community volunteers who may be interested in joining a Knit-In at The Place or to join the Out-of-School Care program to knit one afternoon.  We will also accept your handmade knitted donations that fit the specifications of Knit Aid.

Knotty By Nature is supporting this initiative and you can purchase the appropriate wool at their shop on Lillian Rd.


Everyone should have access to quality clothing and materials.


To support this project, consider:

  • Sending a Cash donation
  • Donating 15mm knitting needles
  • Donating knitter’s sewing needle
  • Bringing in knitted items as per Knit Aid specifications
  • Joining our Knit-In
  • Spending an hour one afternoon knitting with Out-of-School Care students

Email  or call 250-382-4064 to help out or for more information.