Our foyer serves as a space to display work from local visual artists.

To inquire about displaying your work, contact fgcacurator@gmail.com


Mary Lapp

Opening Reception: Saturday January 20th 11am-1pm

Mary Lapp is a visual artist living in Victoria British Columbia. She holds a BSc in Psychology from Acadia University. Lapp made the professional shift towards Art in 2015 in order to express her ideas and theories through visual expression. Lapp is currently working with acrylics in abstract form to release and share bold, uninhibited energies. Lapp works in order to add color to her world and express the freedom and movement she feels in dance and music. Lapp also works as a Teacher sharing her passion for creativity, art and music with children.


Carol Koebbeman

I was born and raised in northern Illinois to a creative family and have been making some form of art all my life. I graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute in 1980 with a degree in Fiber. In the subsequent three decades I made fiber art, created a business manufacturing silk cord and pursued woodworking by creating studio furniture. In 2010 I started painting, eventually settling on figurative and portrait work in oil. I strive to make my paintings fresh and direct with a vibrancy of energy, yet precise and accurate with forms and structure. My method of art making has always been a mix of deliberate, labor-intensive elements combined with quick, energetic and daring applications. I’m drawn to contemporary ideas and styles. My aim is to explore the relationship between people and their social environment. As humans, we often play the role of chameleon, sometimes comfortably, other times less so. In my paintings, I address my own experiences and conflicts and strive to portray them through my subjects in an authentic and honest manner.

Kathy Dufour

Kathy Dufour works from her home studio atop Cook Street Village in Victoria, BC. Kathy has been an artist for many years working with different mediums like glass and recently reconnecting with painting. She hopes to merge and create mix media pieces by incorporating both glass and paint. Kathy hopes to depict the fragility of the environment and our society to convey the importance of protecting and preserving that which we are a part of.

Faces of Victoria

Grade 8 French Immersion students from Central Middle School created a project called Faces of Victoria. Inspired by humans of New York, they launched a campaign on social media to showcase Victoria’s diversity and promote inclusivity. The project aims to bring together the community in a way that will acknowledge all humans as humans.  The students feel the way to combat racism and intolerance is to get to know your neighbors. They feel meeting and talking to people from all backgrounds an lifestyles has open up their eyes and hearts.


 Alena Ebeling-Schuld

Opening Reception: Saturday May 6th 11:00am – 1:00pm

Alena Ebeling-Schuld is a conservation geographer and photographer based in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. Alena has her BSc in wildlife conservation and ecosystem interactions through the Geography and Biology departments at the University of Victoria, and she strives to find unique perspectives and solutions to current conservation issues. She loves to use photography as a medium for bringing conservation challenges and successes to the public eye, as well as inspire action in others by highlighting nature’s striking beauty, intimacy, and connections between its components (including us!).


 CarrolAnn Smedley

CarrolAnn’s early paintings are inspired by landscapes and the geographies she has lived in from the deserts of Arizona to the forests of British Columbia. Her work explores a variety of subject from landscapes to human form with the thread of vibrant, glowing, colour. CarrolAnn has shown and sold her work in a variety of location in North America and New Zealand. She currently lives and paints in Victoria, BC.


IMG_1325FGCA is starting 2017 with a special exhibit on “shelter” featuring artwork by staff and volunteers. Attend the opening reception to celebrate the painters, poets, and multi-media artists at The Place! This collection on “shelter” is inspired by the challenges that our community members encounter when looking for housing in the city. We also recognize that shelter looks and feels different for different people. We hope to reflect this diversity through art and performance.


Kelly Ketchesonkellyk

Kelly Ketcheson moved to Victoria in 1994 after graduating from the University of Saskatchewan Fine Arts BFA program specializing in Painting and Printmaking. Happy to call Victoria his home, Kelly is strongly influenced by the city and its natural surroundings, both rural and urban. His vivid paintings and playful use of color provide a whimsical yet refreshing view on the west coast palette. Kelly engages the viewer in the enhancement of color from everyday objects portrayed, and combines that with a strong contrast between shadow and sun, realism and impressionism.


Kristofer Parleycover shot

Kristofer Parley has been painting with Watercolour since he was eight years old. From his initial sketches for his intricate Watercolour pieces came inspiration for his pen & inks pieces. He was advised by a friend to try pen instead of graphite. The pen and Inks that are on display consist of both large and small pieces; these pieces are inspired by the city of Vancouver and of his surroundings in Victoria BC.


 rainy_penguins (2)Erin Vanessa

Erin uses watercolour and gouache to create vivid, whimsical art for kids and the young at heart.  Focusing primarily on children’s illustration, she paints scenes with anthropomorphic characters who are reminiscent of children’s books.  The characters are humorous, heart-warming depictions of real life situations.

Her art can be found in children’s rooms, nursery rooms, hobby rooms, wedding invitations, and offices.  Her specialty, however, is in nursery rooms, and she has done countless commissions for expecting parents who are looking for a custom, high-quality final touch to welcoming their new addition to the family.  She can cater to any theme, colour scheme, and choice of animal(s).

Backyard Poppies II big

Linda Skalenda

Nature – The inspiration that Linda gathers for her vibrant, passionate and colourful canvases, that make you stop in your tracks for a second look.




Chairs at McNeill BaySuzanne Heron 

The person behind Blue Heron Art – is an artist with a passion for community. After 30 years working in Community Development and co-owning a small town toy store, she is using her own and others’ art to celebrate places that people love to be part of.“Thinking about our summer place, used by 4 generations, I realized my connection to that place gives me deep roots. A sense of belonging, being part of a community, is a basic need for all o fus. So I am using art to share local places that have special meaning for people. Eventually I realized that I am still doing community development, just in a different way. And the process of building the annual Victoria & Circle Tour Calendar – discovering favourite places and meeting people who love where they live – gives me a strong sense of home.”Suzanne paints digitally, using a Wacom tablet and stylus, linked to her computer. “Whatever I paint on the tablet shows on my computer and can be printed out on canvas. If something doesn’t look right, I just erase. It’s very cool!” www.blueheronart.ca

Riehl - Winter Paradise 14x18Lisa Riehl

was raised in BC and has been seriously painting since 2004, when she moved to Victoria.  Inspired by the dramatic landscapes around her, she has translated her passion for hiking, surfing and her love of nature to canvas.  Over the years Lisa has perfected her craft, capturing in bold colours her vision of the heart and soul of the West Coast.  This is evident in her interpretations of the beaches of Tofino & Sooke, the forests of the West Coast and the mountains of Whistler. www.lisariehl.com


AnnieNazarian_JubilantlySheThinks1Annie Nazarian

Through a variety of mediums i am striving to make art that will evoke emotion, a sense of playfulness with an element of darkness. The Paris of Toulouse Lautrec, the paintings of Gustav Klimpt, Ukiyoe prints, Brassai’s photographs, and Minoan sculptures and frescoes are my inspiration. I am looking for the woman behind the veil, her mysterious smile hinting there is so much more than meets the eye. She has wisdom. And she has secrets.


RObert Amos Oxford Foods, Cook Street 1984Robert Amos

Robert Amos has dedicated himself to painting the urban landscape, focusing on Victoria, British Columbia, and environs. As an Honorary Citizen of Victoria, a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of the Arts and for 26 years art writer for the Times Colonist, he is one of Victoria’s best-known artists



RIDESRobert Ives

I have been painting for 20 years now, and drawing since I was old enough to discover that a pencil could actually leave a mark on a piece of paper.
I spent my childhood looking out the windows and day-dreaming. Doodling visions I saw in the clouds of Fort Nelson, far away from the ocean, in Northern British Columbia.To date, my work has been exhibited across Canada, in Paris and Berlin. Even been part of a group Mural Mosiac that was presented to the Queen on her last visit to Canada.


DSC01741Laurie McAmmond

currently lives and paints in Victoria, BC.   Having spent most of her life on the West Coast her favourite medium is transparent watercolor as reflects the fluid interplay of water, light and atmosphere.  Her compositions are based on simple natural elements, slightly abstracted and richly pigmented.  She is most interested in painting the ‘feel’ of the landscape that resonates with the image within and the art of seeing with a brush in hand.  Laurie has a studio in Victoria and can be contacted at greenbits@hotmail.com

Joan C for webJoan Cahill

A native Victorian and graduate of Emily Carr College of Art + Design, Joan is a painter and graphic designer. Her works have recently shown at the Sidney Fine Arts Show, The Arts Centre gallery at Cedar Hill and the Coast Collective Art Centre ~ “I am fascinated by the interplay of the elements, surfaces, depth, reflections and the possibilities of revelation”



Fairfield Stories Mural Project

Through drawing, painting, printmaking and poetry, an artist-led mural made by community will be installed in the Fairfield Gonzales Community neighbourhood in 2015. Neighbouring residents were invited to share poems and visual contributions to this fun and inclusive community arts project. A celebration unveiling event will take place in spring 2015

Joanna Saunders

Joanna Saunders grew up on Vancouver Island is now living in Victoria, is completely self-taught, and started using oil paints in 2003. She continues to experiment with other mediums, but uses predominately oil paint because she loves the rich colours and textures which can be created with it. Joanna also does stained glass work.


An exhibition of photographs by children aged 5-12 in the FGCA’s summer camp “Artists Alive”, 2014. Generously supported by Luz Studios and Prism Imaging.

Shanna Baker

I’m Shanna Baker, an ordinary gal with an extraordinary dose of wanderlust. Nothing makes me happier than being out in the world exploring, camera in hand.Photographically I’m drawn to the simple, the graphic, and the colourful. The world is a complicated, often devastating place, but it’s also full of beauty. Those moments and details are what speak to me.

22513032.DSCF0965James Nesbitt

I was born in Thailand, but have lived the majority of my life in Victoria, British Columbia. My art has gone through many changes since the childhood sketches I created before my earliest memories.Through art I hope to encourage reflection on life – the potential of love, the destructiveness of hate, the wonder of emotion, the beauty of free will, the infinity that can be sensed in the depths of the eyes.