Ages 3-5
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
All year long
16 children, 3 Early Childhood Educators
$910 per month + $30 one time administration fee  (includes daily snack and lunch on Fridays)

Eligible families may apply for government subsidy.


Our Early Years programs are play-based. Our Educators view children as individuals with their own ideas, cultural beliefs, abilities and interests, and strive to provide a safe and stimulating environment (physically, intellectually, mentally and emotionally). Our programming focuses on the group interests and allows children to discover and learn at their own pace and develop their own individual and collective interests.  The FCGA believes that children have a desire to grow, play and learn, as well as to explore and construct knowledge about the world around them through peer interactions and play based experiences. While recognizing family diversity and structure, our program encourages the development of positive relationships among peers, as well as, respectful communication between children, staff, and families.  Children learn best and rise to their potential when they are permitted to explore subjects as they are ready. We follow the Early Learning Framework put out by the Ministry of Child and Family Development (MCFD).



There is currently has ONE vacancy.

WAITLIST: children one year away from being eligible to register are able to place their names on the wait list. For example, if your child will be 3 in January 2019 and you wish to register them then, the earliest they can be placed on the wait list is January 2018.



Program Manager (registration):

Child Care Coordinator (wait list):