NOTE ABOUT GETTING UP TO DATE INFORMATION: All the various proposals and revisions for this building are available on the City’s Development Tracker accessible here (under City of Victoria website, Departments, Sustainable Planning and Community Development – you first have to load the App, then scroll to 212 Cook-1041 Oliphant, click on 212 Cook to find links to the various submissions).

December 2016

The date for Public Hearing is December 8th, 6:30pm at Council Chambers. All are welcome to attend and provide comment prior to Council making its final decision on whether to approve the project.

Cook and Oliphant Rezoning Application

Following a lengthy public hearing, Council approved a rezoning and development permit application with variance at 1041 Oliphant and 212-220 Cook Street. The approved development allows for a five story 53 unit mixed use development.

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November 2016

City council agreed to move forward to Public Hearing the rezoning application and development permit application with variance at 1041 Oliphant and 212-220 Cook Street. The proposed application would allow for a five story 53 unit mixed used development. A date for Public Hearing has not yet been set.

June 2016

Revised plans for the Cook and Oliphant Development are on the City’s development tracker here:  1041 Oliphant Ave. and 212, 2014, and 220 Cook Street.

May 2016

Description of Revised Proposal discussed by the Advisory Design Panel

The proponent submitted a revised proposal April 15 2016 that is accessible on the City’s Development Tracker, and which addressed some of the criticisms that had been raised at the December CALUC meeting.

The April 15 plans indicate a building with a floor area of 4420 sq metres (reduced from 5013 sq metres) on a site of 2015 sq metres, for a floor space ratio (FSR) of 2.2 (4420/2015) reduced from 2.5 in the previous proposal. The height of the proposed building would be 17.4 metres (one metre lower). It will still cover 60% of the site

The new plans show four commercial units facing Cook Street, with two live/work units at the on the south end (replacing two commercial units in the previous version).  The setbacks from the sidewalk on Cook and Oliphant have been increased from nothing to half a metre.

The revised drawings show a total of 53 rather than 60 units, 20 junior suites of 40 sq metres each (about 430 sq feet), 18 1 bed units at 53 sq metres, 14 2 bed units at 80-110 sq metres and 1 three bed unit at 115 sq metres.

Underground parking in the new version will be provided for 46 cars plus five visitor parking spaces.  There will also be scooter charging stations. There will be 15 commercial parking spaces behind the building at grade. Part of the existing laneway that runs from Oliphant up to Vancouver will be paved and used as access to the underground parking.

Changes since September Submission: The current proposal has modestly smaller massing than the September proposal because of the reduction in number of units.  Stepbacks from Cook and from Oliphant have been increased, mostly at levels 4 and 5.  Nevertheless, this will still be the largest building in Cook Street Village, and one of the largest in all of Fairfield (the boundaries of Fairfield include Fort Street and a section of Blanshard, so Christ Church Cathedral and the Escher Building under construction on Broughton are in Fairfield).

Discussions and Recommendations by the Advisory Design Panel: The Advisory Design Panel raised concerns about the bulk or massing of this building in the context of Cook Street Village, which one of the panel members described as “diverse and personalized,” and about the possibility that it could serve as a precedent for future developments. But the Panel’s recommendations were restricted to the exterior appearance of the building, specifically to reduce the number of materials and design elements, to improve the entrance to the residences, and to enhance the rhythm of the retailing along Cook Street so that it is more diverse.

Future Discussions: The developer may now choose to make changes to the design as recommended by the Advisory Design Panel. With or without those changes the next stage will be a consideration of the proposed development at a future meeting of Victoria City Council to make a decision about the rezoning application, and to have a public hearing at a Council meeting.

December 2015

Dec.7th –  6:45 pm :Cook and Oliphant development community association land use meeting.

See Minutes from the meeting

The proponent/developer will be making a presentation describing the proposed development for the corner of Cook and Oliphant. Afterwards, you will have an opportunity to ask questions and express your thoughts relating to the proposal. These questions and thoughts will be put in a letter by your planning and zoning committee and sent to Mayor and Council. Attached below is some information you might want to consider prior to the meeting and some suggestion on how to communicate your thoughts to Mayor and Council. It is important to note that the developer will be paying the city approximately $1,000,000.00 in order to build beyond what the current zoning permits. It comes under an amenity package for “Density Bonus” (info in the OCP). ~ Hosted by the Fairfield Gonzales Planning and Zoning Committee. This is the second Community and Land Use Committee (CALUC) meeting, as requested by the association. *correction to info handed out at the CALUC meeting: to reach Mayor and Council email

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Community Meeting Notice for Development Proposal at Oliphant & Cook

Rezoning 00472_1041 Oliphant & 212-220 Cook Street

Proposed &  Existing – OCP Policy (Zoning Criteria)

1041 Oliphant Ave & 212-220 Cook St application review summary from the City of Victoria

August 2015

Letter from the FGCA to the City regarding Cook & Oliphant – August 8th 2015

The developer’s recently submitted revised proposal plans may now be viewed on the City’s Development Tracker web-link.