Check this page for updates from the City of Victoria or others that may be of interest to Fairfield Gonzales residents and FGCA program users.

2018 November – Fairfield Tree Removals

2018 November  Gonzales Tree Removal Notification

2018 October  Invitation Letter – improvements to Brighton Avenue

2018 July Tree Removals in the Gonzales Neighbourhood

2018 July Tree Removals in the Fairfield Neighborhood

2018 June  –  Beechwood Avenue – Immediate Tree Removals

2018 May Clover Point Road Closure

2018 April  – Tree Removal – Fairfield

2018 March  – Collinson Artist Call-Out

2018 January 23 – Fairfield-Gonzales 2018 Winter Tree Removals

2018 January 22 – CRD Construction Notice Clover Point Pump Station Early Works

2018 January  – CRD Construction Notice – Clover Point Pump Station Laydown Area

2018 January  – notice from City parks department:

The Leaf Pick-Up program is a long-standing operation that typically runs from mid-October to mid-January. This year’s program has experienced service delays. As a result, the anticipated completion date is now February 16, 2018 instead of the end of January. In attempt to catch-up on the workload the City is increasing collection to 7 days a week.

If you have any questions about the Leaf Pick-Up program


Phone:             250.361.0600



Fairfield Gonzales has a designated Council member, Chris Coleman, who is your link to City Council. Reach him at

We also have a City staff member, Kimberley Stratford, who is a member of the Neighbourhoods team and is your resource for navigating City Hall and for your ideas and actions in your neighbourhood. Kimberley can be reached at

Monthly reports from Council Liaison Chris Coleman and Neighbourhood Advisor Kimberley Stratford:

2018 November Neighbourhood Advisor update

2018 October Neighbourhood Advisor update

2018 September Councillor Liason report

2018 September  Neighbourhood Advisor update

2018 August Neighbourhood Advisor update

2018 July Neighbourhood Advisor update

2018 July Councillor Liason Report