Instructor: Paula Maddison 

Cheese Making With Paula Maddison

Come and spend a few hours with Paula Maddison, a deep in the bones ‘slow foodie’, multi-talented lass who has a passion for hand crafting cheese.  You will be taken into the world of sumptuous flavour, ancient craft, history, science, chemistry and food as medicine as you spend time learning and linking with other fine foodies.  While learning a delicious and nutritious new skill, you will relish the tastes of succulent cheeses that you can hand craft in your home.  Using products readily available, Paula demystifies the idea that cheese making is difficult with comprehensive instruction.  Classes are not only delicious but a lot of fun.  Paula’s draws on her vast experience in the hotel industry, private yachting industry and private estate management to show you some unique and creative ideas for serving the cheeses you will be making.  Learning how to make cheese with Paula is a unique experience that will spark your inner cheese maker!

FALL\Winter Programming coming soon!