There are 2 ways to go if you would like to teach a class at our centre.

1/ You could rent space from us (see rates).

In this case you would be responsible for advertising, registration & taking payments.

2/ Or your class could be offered as one of our programs.

Where you appear in the Active Living Guide and on our website, we take registration & payment for you then we split the registration fees.

Before we can consider that direction, there are a few things instructors are required to provide:

  • Current first aid
  • Criminal record check (done in the last 6 months)
  • Insurance (recommended when physical risk involved)
  • Resume with references
  • Relevant certification for their course

If you can meet these requirements then we will need your course proposal highlighting:

  • What you are teaching (include a lesson plan if possible)
  • A description of about 50 words that can be used in program guides
  • Length of class
  • Number of weeks
  • Cost of course/student (consider that our instructor split is usually 70/30)
  • Start date and time of day that you prefer to offer course
  • The type of room you will need and maximum class size
  • Any support/resources that we would need to supply

Programming happens for the Fall/Winter season at the end of May and for the Spring season in mid-December.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.