Join other community-minded individuals in providing a neighbourhood voice to help enhance the quality of life where you live. We are eager to recruit directors who have an interest in fundraising, board governance, special events, and succession planning. For more detailed information read our board member job description or contact (250) 382-4604.


DonDon Monsour ~ president

All Committees, VCAN Representative

Don can be reached directly at

As an advocate for community involvement Don has enjoyed participating and leading organizations in achieving their goals. While working with profit and not for profit organizations for over 45 years in several key initiatives he has developed a strong understanding of the rules and regulations that govern many boards and committees. As a leader of volunteer groups made up of individual personalities and objectives, he has successfully managed challenging goals and budgets and helped to raise close to 2 million dollars for not for profit associations. This experience, coupled with his business background, has provided Don with the ability to work within board guidelines helping to achieve the strategic goals and direction as set by the board.  Don truly believes that understanding the dynamics and chemistry that exists on a board is vital in supporting a board successful outcome.


Paul Brown ~ vice president

Paul has been a resident of Victoria since 1988, living 20 years in Fairfield Community. He graduated from University of Toronto Health Sciences 1974. In 1988 he became a a partner in Victoria based Three E Training Inc.  providing financial, procurement and governance consulting and training to provincial, state, territorial and local governments specializing in  Contract Management and Procurement for community health and social services. Since August 2015 he has been semi-retired. He served on the board of the Financial Management Association of Canada Victoria chapter, (2004–2011) as well as the Fairfield Gonzales Community Association (2011-2013) with activities including; Member of the Executive Committee, Board Lead: business planning, risk management, defining of outcomes and deliverables, Board Lead: Gala Fundraiser and Community Yard Sale Day, Chair Planning and Zoning Committee

Brett Duncan ~ secretary

After a decade working globally in People & Org. Development for Korea-based MNCs such as Samsung, Brett recently returned to Fairfield-Gonzales to explore his entrepreneurial roots. His current interests are concentrated on creating accessible learning solutions which enrich peoples lives. As an MBA-trained business professional specialized in strategic planning and operations, his volunteer work in community outreach has been inspired by a passion for collaboratively achieving meaningful change. With a young family whose daily life is enhanced by the FGCA’s integrity and evolution, Brett is invariably committed to accessing the community’s collective intelligence for decision making informed by vision and virtue.

Philip Sawkins ~ treasurer

Anne TAnne Tomyn

Committees: Human Resources, Place (Operations)

Almost 20 years ago Anne lived in Victoria and loved her time here.  She moved back to Victoria with her family in 2011 because she felt it would be a great place to raise her kids; offering the amenities of the “big city” while still having a “community” feel. Her family has lived in both Fairfield and Gonzales, so she is quite familiar with many parts of the neighbourhood. Anne’s family gave up their vehicle shortly after moving here because it is such an accessible city by bike.  She feels lucky to be in an area that easily allows for  exploration  and enjoyment of nature. Anne feels a need to be involved  in her community so that her kids will grow up knowing a sense of  service and belonging, and because she hopes to contribute to the feeling of home they have in Victoria. Anne has served on the FGCA Board of Directors since 2014 and is active in other community groups as well.

Heather Murphy photoHeather Murphy

Committees: Community Association Land Use Committee

Heather Murphy has lived in Victoria since 1988 and bought her home in Fairfield in 1999. She received her nursing degree from the University of Victoria and worked for more than 20 years in psychiatry and mental health at the Royal Jubilee Hospital. Now recently retired, she joined the board in 2015; her interests lie in environmental issues, specifically how to protect and increase Fairfield Gonzales’ urban forest and how, as a community, we can respond to global warming. Heather is interested in working with others at the local level who share her environmental concerns and wish to promote community engagement by focusing on our collective resources and strengths. Heather is a member of the Planning and Zoning Committee.

Jason-IMG_1425Jason Taylor

Committees: Finance, Fund Development, Garden

Jason has lived in Fairfield since May 2010 when he moved to Victoria from the UK. As a newcomer to the area wanting to become part of the community, he started volunteering with the FGCA to help with the development of the community garden, which led to him becoming a member of the board. Jason has a keen interest in what goes on in the community, with a young daughter in one of the neighbourhood schools, and is passionate about the environment (his PhD focus was the environmental fate of pesticides). He serves on a number of committees including for the community garden and for fund development.

Ferando's....high in the hills above Genoa..last night of culinary adventure May 2008

George Zador

George has lived in Fairfield since 2012, after he retired from 40 years of multifaceted professional engagement in mechanical engineering design, construction project coordination and international sales management in the packaging machinery industry. He has been an active volunteer on many fronts; presently with the Government House where he is also on the Board of Directors of the Friends of Government House Gardens Society. George had served a term on the FGCA Board from 2013-2015 and also chaired the Planning and Zoning Committee. The key assets he would bring to the Board are his ability to think outside the box, be a team player, analytical and solution oriented in any challenging issues.  George is committed to work diligently for the FGCA to maintain its integrity and to advance its position in the community, all within its constitutional framework.

davidDavid Biltek

Committees: Community Association Land Use Committee (chair)




AndrewAndrew Brownwright






Scott Davis

Committees: Garden

Alice Albert

Committees: Community Association Land Use Committee

Forrest Smith

Andrei Whitaker

chris colemanChris Coleman ~ City of Victoria Councillor

Neighbourhood Liaison for Fairfield Gonzales Community Association (January 2015 to December 31, 2016)






“Our community members take their responsibilities seriously, but with realistic expectations and enormous good humour. It is a pleasure to work in such an environment.” – former board member