Our Annual General Meeting is held once a year  in October or November.

Saturday October 20th, 2018

2:00pm – 4:00pm in the Garry Oak room, 1335 Thurlow Rd.

Everyone is invited to come out to hear what the FGCA has been up to all year, and FGCA members vote to elect the board of directors.


Annual Reports

AGM 2016-2017 Report, financial statements, 2016-2017

AGM 2015-2016 Report, financial statements 2015-2016

AGM 2014-2015 Report, financial statements 2014-2015

AGM 2013-2014 Report

AGM 2012-2013 Report

AGM 2011-2012 Report

AGM 2011 Report

AGM 2010 Report